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  1. Looking for few pieces of D480A saw filter that can be ship to Asia. Thanks.
  2. Thanks! Really appreciate it. Now its more clearer for me. i only have 30db, i need to look for additional 20db to fully utilize the meter. thanks
  3. Hi guys, Im a bit confuse with this RF attenuator, lets say i have 30db 2watt attenuator and i want to use it to my 400mw video Tx, then i assume that my 400mw vtx is equivalent to 26dbm based from the calculator, then what would be my expected output power from my vtx after i use the rf attenuator? How can i translate this to equation? thanks.
  4. Yes he released an updated firmware which includes calibration. When i tried to compile his firmware, im having error in his library so i just rewrite the program and select only what i want to use.some more i add the Rtadj which make it more accurate. Yes you are correct his concept is easy to follow, we exchanges email and i learned a lot from him. The main equation that he only used was the slope formula.
  5. im also rewriting his program and followed his concept but different approach.. more accurate approach is using variable Rtadj.
  6. im also building one like this, i think the originator for this project is Joost
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