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  1. Oh ok, this is pretty cheap so yeah i will try that when i have some time Thanks a lot !
  2. Yeah sure i already looked at this but i think i will not be able to know what to do to have a better signal even with this material :-/ I dont have material to change cms components, just a TS100 with the smallest tip
  3. Oh ok, i hope they will be able to make it work for me then They know which VRX i'm using.. I want the best signal but there is not a lot of VTX with smartaudio for nano quads Thanks again Mr RC-Cam you are definitely the best to talk about this subject !
  4. Most of the time i'm flying outdoor and the problem is more visible. I did this video without any antenna on the VRX, i think that was not a good idea.. Anyway thanks a lot for your expertise From my customer point of view they should just do like Eachine do. I dont understand why some VTX (in fact most of them) are working fine with all my VRX :-/ Where are the VTX who are not working with my Eachine VR D2 ? Manufacturer should choose a standart ... i know this is not easy but if they dont choose a standart then they should give us the information about the emphasis method used right ? EWRF are not even able to give me a reply to this :-/ Customers should ask for a refund each time there is a compatibility problem. i'm pretty sure that manufacturer will then change their methods..
  5. Hi, I got flickering/desync when i try to use EWRF e7082TM VTX with any moduls on my Fatshark attitude V1 (RX5808 pro plus, Eachine Pro58 or stock VRX) When i use this VTX with my Eachine VR D2 goggles there is no problems, just normal noise but no flickering at all even in the worst conditions. Also when i use my Fatshark attitude with Eachine VTX02 or 03 (all my other VTX also in fact..) this is working correctly.. not as good as the VR D2 but not far. @Mr.RC-Cam I have read pretty all your reply about this but i just would like to be sure that i'm not wrong. For me now its a compatibility issue in the emphasis process (like you explain on your posts) Here is the video i did to try to show the problem : (Left is EWRF) I'm talking with the manufacturer and the engineer are working on this and they will send me a new units to see is the problem is gone. I'm not really able to say them why this is happening. Is the capacitor value bad ? or this is also the resistor ? or maybe this is more complex than this ? Thanks for your help Edit : I played a lot with a 75Ohms resistor without any change in the flickering problem. There is no resistor at all in the Fatshark video in. (when i add one the contrast is better, but the flickering is still there.) The resistance of the VTX video in is exactly 75Ohms. The resistance of the VTX02 or 03 is around 175Ohms. (The resistor is cool to add on those, the contrast is better then)