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  1. Oh ok, this is pretty cheap so yeah i will try that when i have some time Thanks a lot !
  2. Yeah sure i already looked at this but i think i will not be able to know what to do to have a better signal even with this material :-/ I dont have material to change cms components, just a TS100 with the smallest tip
  3. Oh ok, i hope they will be able to make it work for me then They know which VRX i'm using.. I want the best signal but there is not a lot of VTX with smartaudio for nano quads Thanks again Mr RC-Cam you are definitely the best to talk about this subject !
  4. Most of the time i'm flying outdoor and the problem is more visible. I did this video without any antenna on the VRX, i think that was not a good idea.. Anyway thanks a lot for your expertise From my customer point of view they should just do like Eachine do. I dont understand why some VTX (in fact most of them) are working fine with all my VRX :-/ Where are the VTX who are not working with my Eachine VR D2 ? Manufacturer should choose a standart ... i know this is not easy but if they dont choose a standart then they should give us the information a
  5. Hi, I got flickering/desync when i try to use EWRF e7082TM VTX with any moduls on my Fatshark attitude V1 (RX5808 pro plus, Eachine Pro58 or stock VRX) When i use this VTX with my Eachine VR D2 goggles there is no problems, just normal noise but no flickering at all even in the worst conditions. Also when i use my Fatshark attitude with Eachine VTX02 or 03 (all my other VTX also in fact..) this is working correctly.. not as good as the VR D2 but not far. @Mr.RC-Cam I have read pretty all your reply about this but i just would like to be sure that i'm not wrong.
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