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  1. Thanks Thomas for your suggestion.I will try different distance and see which works best.I am going to put everything on one tripod.I have 2 oracle diversity controllers and might try 4 antennae too!!
  2. Hi all, First of all i would like to thank Thomas for creating a Oracle diversity controller!! I was using eagle eyes and when i tried oracle,its a day and night difference.Oracle is much more faster than eagle eyes.It switches so quick and fast that you don't even notice.Where as eagle eyes takes so much time to switch after the reception on one antenna goes bad.I even tried max sensitivity on eagle eyes but no improvement. Now to my question.I am running two 1280 RHCP antennae and would like to know how far i should separate them for good diversity setup in which i get minim
  3. Thanks Thomas.I will double check that metal ridge at the end of the SMA connector.
  4. Old thread but need some info. I just got hold of old Racewood TR1500 1258MHz receiver.But when i opened it up and found a different module than a comtech? I tested it wit 433MHz dragonlink and its showing no interference even at running dragonlink at full power and placing dagonlink's antenna by the receiver antenna. So wondering what module is it?Is it good quality with good sensitivity for long range?Normally in the past,all the tuners other than comtech showed massive interference from 433 control.Any info please?Thanks.
  5. Good advice!! I got some chip quick which i can use with hot air station.Not sure if hot air can damage the adjacent components?
  6. Thanks Thomas. I will first try flying long range and compare it with my existing RMRC comtech with saw filter already modified with D480A.If the difference is not much then i will leave it alone. Regarding PCB rework,i am not that expert but i think i can handle this.I got Hakko desoldering vacuum gun which should help in case i need to replace.So far i have replaced main MCU on my frsky QX7 transmitter after i nuked it when accidentally i supplied trainer port with 5v and also some RAM chips on my VW diagnostics tool. Are these SAW filters temperature sensitive?
  7. Hi Thomas, I just got hold of 2 used range video receivers.I tested these receivers by placing clode to my dragonlink antenna(at full power settings) but no interference at 1280 MHz. So i thought they must have been modded by D480 saw filter.But when i opened it,i found NM F480-2 and it looks like 21 or 27 MHz filter. So wondering is it worth to swap the saw filter on these receivers?Please suggest.Thanks.
  8. I haven't done anything yet with the chinese no name Rx as i wanted to have comtech tuner.I was thinking that its just a saw filter that i need to replace but when i opened it,,F 480-1 was already there. Maybe just comptech module with good saw filter can solve the problem. Do you have any comptech module that i can buy.Then i will modd it with your proper saw filter and can tst it it interferes with UHF.
  9. Thanks Thomas for the detailed explanation.I wish you have any 1280 Mhz Rx in stock. I am tempted to try out your 900mhz Rx and will try to replace the saw filter on it. I really appreciate your honesty in providing proper details and not trying to just sell your product.Also i have couple of your products working flawlessly from the years!!
  10. Thanks Thomas for looking. I can control the frequency with pitlab controller then. So now I want to try one Rx first from you and will mod it with your saw filter. But one thing is confusing for me is that i have a no name 1.3ghz chinese rX which doesn't have comtech tuner and i get terrible interference from 433mhz dragonlink.But i opened the tuner cover,its fitted with F480-1. So looks like its fitted with proper saw filter and i am still getting lots of interference where as my RMRC 1.3 Rx doesn't show any interference.Does that mean there are other components involved to get rid
  11. Thanks for your reply. Actually pitlab diversity controller can send i2c signals to change the frequency on the tuner.May be i should buy and try:) One more thing,has the tuner been modified with saw filter to use it with dragonlink 433mhz? If the microcontroller is somehow re-programmable,then i can try to desolder it. I am looking for a quality video product like you sell on DPCAV and that's why i don't mind trying to mod only it if its possible.
  12. Hi Thomas, Wondering if its possible to convert the "900MHz A/V Receiver, Deluxe Model with Comtech Tuner" thats available on your website?I want to buy 1280 video Rx but they are not available.Please suggest.Thanks.
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