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  1. Oh i wish there is any quality Vtx available:( It looks to me that Patrom fox800 600mw Vtx is better in quality than RMRC 600mw Vtx and could you please suggest me if that pot on Patrom is actual a video level adjustment pot?I found nothing on RMRC Vtx to adjust video level:( Thanks.
  2. Thanks Thomas for your suggestions!I am excited to wire my Oracle diversity controller and calibrate my system when it's installed. Anyway to get quality 600~800mw Vtx from dpcav?I really like your quality products.
  3. Success!! and thanks for your quick reply. I just swapped the vtx osd board with Rx and reflashed both and now it matches good.So it must be difference in the resistor value in one of them as you mentioned.Now i get same results on 7.5v and 12v.Picture attached. Now when i tried to check my actual two 1.3ghz Rx(both latest readymaderc comtech Rxs) and two Vtx(one 600mw RMRC and one bangood patrom 1.3ghz 600mw),i found they are not matched with each other. 1 patrom is matching with one RMRC Rx and 1 RMRC Vtx is matching with 1 RMRC Rx. One strange phenomenon i found that RMRC Vtx changes the video level a lot by turning its position but patrom Vtx doesn't do that.It remains constant even if i am turning it around.Does it mean that RMRC Vtx is bad?
  4. Hi Thomas, First of all i appreciate your all the work you have done towards fpv community!! So i assembled your tool but i am having little issue.When i connect both minimosd boards, the image on top left doesn't match perfectly between vtx and rx miniosd boards.Any way i can calibrate? or i have to get another set of boards.I did order both boards together from the same manufacturer on aliexpress.Could you please have a look at the pics?Thanks.
  5. Hi Thomas.I am after RSSI meter for my 1.3ghz Receiver so that I can point my antenna in a better way.Do you have any lying around for sale? If not is there any DIY instructions to build one? Thanks.
  6. Thanks Thomas.Just ordered 2 mimiOSD board to built your tool.Hope they are the right one. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32952866375.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.27424c4d9Dq9AP
  7. Thanks Thomas for the info. That's great.I am going to get Oracle as I am not happy with eagle eyes diversity controller.Some times it switches unnecessary to the second antenna even that antenna having no signal.Also the video switch is quite pronounced.Do you think Oracle works similar to immersion RC duo diversity Rx? I will be using Oracle on two rmrc identical receivers on 1280 MHz with yaggi on one and rubber ducky on second one.
  8. Hi all, I have a question about oracle diversity controller(with twin antenna input).Does it compares every frame between the 2 antenna inputs?Thanks.
  9. Hi luckyflyer, Just letting you know that i haven't received it yet even after waiting for almost a month....
  10. Ok No problem.Not familiar with US mail as i am in Canada.If you have tracking number then please send me so that i can plan my trip to the border to pick it up.Thanks
  11. @luckyflyer Hi, It seems like you are busy.So after waiting for few days for your reply after the payment, I have changed my mind and won't be doing this mod using buffer board because i am going to use immersion rc duo 5800 Diversity receiver that i just bought.So could you please refund my payment.Thanks
  12. @luckyflyer Hi, Could you please confirm if you have received money for the buffer board and will be shipping out.I sent you $4.75 on Jan 16 2018.Thanks
  13. Thanks luckyflyer for providing the board!! Just sent you payment with the shipping address in the paypal note.Thanks
  14. @Mr.RC-Cam Do you think this diversity board would work?Asking because it looks quite smaller than the one you used. I will try to make a solid drawing on Siemens NX11 software.
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