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  1. Hi luckyflyer, Just letting you know that i haven't received it yet even after waiting for almost a month....
  2. Ok No problem.Not familiar with US mail as i am in Canada.If you have tracking number then please send me so that i can plan my trip to the border to pick it up.Thanks
  3. @luckyflyer Hi, It seems like you are busy.So after waiting for few days for your reply after the payment, I have changed my mind and won't be doing this mod using buffer board because i am going to use immersion rc duo 5800 Diversity receiver that i just bought.So could you please refund my payment.Thanks
  4. @luckyflyer Hi, Could you please confirm if you have received money for the buffer board and will be shipping out.I sent you $4.75 on Jan 16 2018.Thanks
  5. Thanks luckyflyer for providing the board!! Just sent you payment with the shipping address in the paypal note.Thanks
  6. @Mr.RC-Cam Do you think this diversity board would work?Asking because it looks quite smaller than the one you used. I will try to make a solid drawing on Siemens NX11 software.
  7. Hi Mr.RC-Cam, First of all i would like to thank you for posting your modd here.Great work!!I would like to mod my Headplay HD goggles too.Does anyone have a good source to get the parts printed in good quality? @luckyflyer :Could you please send me one board.I am going to paypal you $4.75.Thanks
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