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  1. Hi to all! i would like to fit a gyrocamera (bullet camera) on a motorbike! What i have to buy? I would like to to something like the M1's of Valentino Rossi, in motoGP. Maybe i need a servo (just 2 axis, really?) and a gyro, but what kind of products?? where to buy in Europe? what's the differences between the cheaper and the expensive gyros? thanks!
  2. I need a 5hz (or more!) GPS speed overlay unit, i have to see just the speed (kph), and no more. I'm looking for a good place in europe (and cheap), where?? thanks!
  3. yes, for my special productions (sure, not for RC!) i bought a digital COFDM video link: http://navtechsystems.co.uk/services/micro...ofdm_rover.html what do you think? i'm happy like a children with a new toy!
  4. did you tried a GoPro hero camera? it has an auto shot every 2 seconds!
  5. yes! thanks, this is the first thing wich i'll do it there!
  6. thanks Kilrah, yes, i have to test it. For this i bought also a 5W 1,2ghz transmitter also, so i will try with send with a 2w 2,4ghz from the boat, and send with a 2w 2,4ghz or 5w 1,2ghz trasnsmitter from the heli. But now, i need 2 good antennas of 1,2ghz, where can i buy it?? another question: what kind of antennas i should to use there for the tx of the boat, the receiver on the heli, the tx on the heli and the rx at ground? here what i have: common stilo 2db omni, patch, parabolic and directionals (but all 2,4ghz)
  7. Hi guys!! i have another question from my customer! the day before the race, they want to put a wireless camera and send a live video for a 1km of high speed only. What do you think if i use a 2w tx on the boat on channel 1, a receiver on the heli connected to another 2w tx on channel 8, and i will receive at ground with my 2 receivers connected to my oracle diversity. what do you think?
  8. Thanks guys!! thanks for your special suggest.. I think i will try to fit 3 tx's of 2W each, has 8 channel so i can choose to set: 1- 4-8 I will use 3 receivers on the heli, with 1-4-8 channels set, all the output connected to a QUAD, and the video out of the quad connected to the TX to ground. So now, i have to choose the TX for the video to send to ground, and also what kind of antennas to use: on the boats, on the heli for receivers, on the heli for the TX, and on the ground for receiver. I have also an oracle diversity, but as i understand i will use on ground only. or not? because the heli is always near to the boat, we can follow it everywhere..
  9. yes, we have to send the live video from 3 different boats. but we can choose wich one of that to send to ground. I think to use a 2,4ghz with a common 2db antenna from the boat, and to send the video from the heli to ground with a 900mhz TX. My customers are: www.class-1.com
  10. yes!! it's a real offshore powerboat, with pilots inside!! and we have also an helicopter. We need to send 3 different live videos..HOW TO? i found this website: www.rf-links.com
  11. from the heli to the ground can be around 3-4km..
  12. Hi to all!! i would like to send a live video from a bullet camera fitted on a powerboat. I can use an helicopter has a "bridge", so here are what i would like to do: POWERBOAT: 12v lead acid battery 7A+ bullet camera CCD 1/3" and a 2,4 ghz 8 channel 2W TX with a simple 2db circular omni antenna. HELICOPTER: 2 omni patch antennas, 1 oracle diversity, 2 receivers. So i can give the video signal to the broadcast digital transmitter fitted on the helicopter, wich is used to send the live video from the cameraman (sure, once at time!) and i can see a clear image on the ground. What do you think??? The helicopter will follow the boat, and the maximum distance (boat-helicopter) will be around 150meters maximum.
  13. here are my first test: http://vimeo.com/5311589 what do you think??
  14. i know Kirlah, but i think the specs are wrong! anyway, the RX antennas are good 1 patch and 1 yagi?
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