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  1. Hi to all! i would like to fit a gyrocamera (bullet camera) on a motorbike! What i have to buy? I would like to to something like the M1's of Valentino Rossi, in motoGP. Maybe i need a servo (just 2 axis, really?) and a gyro, but what kind of products?? where to buy in Europe? what's the differences between the cheaper and the expensive gyros? thanks!
  2. I need a 5hz (or more!) GPS speed overlay unit, i have to see just the speed (kph), and no more. I'm looking for a good place in europe (and cheap), where?? thanks!
  3. yes, for my special productions (sure, not for RC!) i bought a digital COFDM video link: http://navtechsystems.co.uk/services/micro...ofdm_rover.html what do you think? i'm happy like a children with a new toy!
  4. did you tried a GoPro hero camera? it has an auto shot every 2 seconds!
  5. yes! thanks, this is the first thing wich i'll do it there!
  6. thanks Kilrah, yes, i have to test it. For this i bought also a 5W 1,2ghz transmitter also, so i will try with send with a 2w 2,4ghz from the boat, and send with a 2w 2,4ghz or 5w 1,2ghz trasnsmitter from the heli. But now, i need 2 good antennas of 1,2ghz, where can i buy it?? another question: what kind of antennas i should to use there for the tx of the boat, the receiver on the heli, the tx on the heli and the rx at ground? here what i have: common stilo 2db omni, patch, parabolic and directionals (but all 2,4ghz)
  7. Hi guys!! i have another question from my customer! the day before the race, they want to put a wireless camera and send a live video for a 1km of high speed only. What do you think if i use a 2w tx on the boat on channel 1, a receiver on the heli connected to another 2w tx on channel 8, and i will receive at ground with my 2 receivers connected to my oracle diversity. what do you think?
  8. Thanks guys!! thanks for your special suggest.. I think i will try to fit 3 tx's of 2W each, has 8 channel so i can choose to set: 1- 4-8 I will use 3 receivers on the heli, with 1-4-8 channels set, all the output connected to a QUAD, and the video out of the quad connected to the TX to ground. So now, i have to choose the TX for the video to send to ground, and also what kind of antennas to use: on the boats, on the heli for receivers, on the heli for the TX, and on the ground for receiver. I have also an oracle diversity, but as i understand i will use on ground only. or not? becau
  9. yes, we have to send the live video from 3 different boats. but we can choose wich one of that to send to ground. I think to use a 2,4ghz with a common 2db antenna from the boat, and to send the video from the heli to ground with a 900mhz TX. My customers are: www.class-1.com
  10. yes!! it's a real offshore powerboat, with pilots inside!! and we have also an helicopter. We need to send 3 different live videos..HOW TO? i found this website: www.rf-links.com
  11. Hi to all!! i would like to send a live video from a bullet camera fitted on a powerboat. I can use an helicopter has a "bridge", so here are what i would like to do: POWERBOAT: 12v lead acid battery 7A+ bullet camera CCD 1/3" and a 2,4 ghz 8 channel 2W TX with a simple 2db circular omni antenna. HELICOPTER: 2 omni patch antennas, 1 oracle diversity, 2 receivers. So i can give the video signal to the broadcast digital transmitter fitted on the helicopter, wich is used to send the live video from the cameraman (sure, once at time!) and i can see a clear image on the ground
  12. here are my first test: http://vimeo.com/5311589 what do you think??
  13. i know Kirlah, but i think the specs are wrong! anyway, the RX antennas are good 1 patch and 1 yagi?
  14. Kilrah! here are a pic of my equipment. this is the TX: 2,4ghz 2W, there are 2 antennas available, the white one is much more longer, is better than the black one? and here are the RX antennas: what's the best cominations??
  15. thanks a lot!! so i'll test it with a simple antenna, should be more simple!! I think wich all is much more easy to do it, but i'll test it on thuesday afternoon. Thanks again!
  16. Thanks for your answer! I contacted a lot of different suppliers of broadcast Tx's, but nobody assure for a "fast moving object" use. As i told you before, i would like to use that tX's on bikes, cars, and now we are the official suppliers of the minicams for the world powerboats championship offshore: www.class-1.com What is the software to use to measure the RF level to the TX and RX?? Because i have only the LCD monitor to see the video! Anyway, sorry for my stupid question: but more db is not better than less db?? Is there a way also to send a live video (good quality) from a boa
  17. On 28th June there is an important event here in south Italy. An air show with a lot of important teams. I would like to fit an on board camera with a video TX. Here are what i would like to do: Airplane equipment: - 2 bullet cameras Sony 580 TV lines connected to a SS1000 chasecam video quad (for a picture in picture) - The video out (with PIP) connected to the video IN of my 2W 2,4gHz TX - Audio out from the interphone connected to the audio IN of the TX - The TX antenna will be a common "stilo" 3db, but i can fit a patch antenna 11db instead: what's your best suggest? R
  18. thanks a lot, but with a 1hz on a falcon wich flight at 300km/h with 8g of acceleration is not very accurate! VERY HARD to get right data! What's your suggest Kirlah?
  19. WOW!! thanks! but can i log the vertical speed also? but that unit is 1hz of update rate, not 5!
  20. Hi! i'm looking for a smaller speed logger, i need to record the vertical and ground speed, any suggest?
  21. Cool!!! i will buy some piece!! A question: sometimes i have another problem, i need a step down, from 14-16v (car-bike battery) to 12 or 11 volts (CCD camera), should be around 200-300mA: any suggest? i need a smallest and tiny product... bye!
  22. thanks for your answer, but i think that system is too heavy. I need a very smaller product because my equipment (camera+tx+battery) can't be over 17gr!
  23. yes, but there is a video on youtube where show this camera with a wideangle lens fitted..
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