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  1. Finally managed to check C800T HD output format - it is AHD 1920x1080p. Defined via connected to Dahua surveillance DVR. Image is clear and detailed, looks like real HD (not interpolated). 1080p is too much for your vTX-RX setup?
  2. I can confirm only that my latest item ordered Nov 22 2017 does have other then CVBS output mode. Can't tell you exactly what it is since I can see only some signal, unfortunately I don't have AHD capable hardware. And as some kind of evidence that AHD still there could be that seller changed description after I asked them to mention this functionality. I will try to find something AHD to hookup camera.
  3. Hi, Happy to see that someone digging in the direction of better FPV image quality. I've interested in this topic by fortunate accident with Eachine c800 20$ camera. Its turned out that this camera has switchable video output mode CVBS/TVI/CVI/AHD-D (by holding pressed joystick during power-on, easy to switch it by accident). This wasn't mentioned anywhere in description and made me false thinking cameras are dead until I found very helpful comment. I've got two cameras back to life and also became very curious why we can't use all of its image resolution in FPV? So maybe this is another
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