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  1. Swapped out the ImmersionRC Uno V3 for a ImmersionRC Duo V3 and everything is perfect. The video signal looks much better, the sync pulse is about 300mv and the problem is gone
  2. I did some measurements (in the basement still, cause too hot outside). It seems to be a combination of several factors. The camera outputs about 1.3vpp with a sync pulse of about 300mv. The Uno2400 Rx outputs a signal of about 800-900mv with a sync pulse just above 170mv. When fed to the goggles via cable, this is still enough to get a stable picture inside my DomV2 goggles. Interestingly, the TBS groundstation outputs a video signal of about 4vpp! No wonder that if I feed that into the rebroadcasting Vtx I don't have any sync issues .. however one can see the signal saturati
  3. Thanks for the link and the video. I will repeat the measurements outside when temps drop a bit; currently we do have 35 deg. C However I know that the problem also arises outside during flight.
  4. And here without the Vtx attached. BTW my latest test setup was without any OSD etc. involved. Just a IRC 2400 VTx with 700mw, the IRC Uno2400 "NexWave" version, and a TBS Unify Pro for rebroadcasting. Same-same with a Foxeer 25mw Tx for rebroadcasting. Had a TBS Groundstation running for reference and picture was clear there all the time without flickering. Another information: Using the TBS Groundstation rebroadcasting works perfectly, and the rebroadcasting Vtx also doesn't cause that amplitude drop on the groundstation.
  5. OK so I did the mod. Unfortunately it didn't help. I've now got an original and a modded Uno2400, both perform the same way. First to demonstrate the problem I did a video from inside my goggles where you can see the flickering happen: Again notice that the problem does not occur if attaching the goggles via cable, it also does not occur with other cominations of Rebroadcasting VTx and VRx and it also does not happen when attaching the camera to the rebroadcasting Vtx directly. I measured the output at the scope and what I found out that whatever Vtx I us
  6. I got a similar problem with my IRC Uno. It occurs as soon as I use some kind of rebroadcasting. I tried different cameras, VTx, rebroadcasting VTx. It only occurs with the IRC Uno. I also tried to analyze the signal with a scope but lack knowledge to judge it except from it being a bit weak compared to the output of other receivers. Glad I found that thread. I had already ordered (but not assembled) a video amp but I will try the resistor mod first. Will report back to you. It's easily reproducible with that rebroadcasting setup actually, no need to make range, just power the tx and watc
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