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  1. yes its important for me because i must use it in my collage project, i did what you said before nothing is burnt the output voltage and the current is ok, i think the problem is one these ic that i dont know what are the part number
  2. Thank you again, in this board there is nothing to control it has only one led that is connected to 5v, i think the unsual 20 pin synthesizer is more likely to be, so now please tell me what would you do if you have these boards, let me know and i do them exactly
  3. Thank you for your answers, what microcontroller do in this video sender?
  4. Are you sure that it is microcontroller? If it was a microcontroller there is no need for remove the ic mark
  5. i have a 1.2 GHz receiver that contain such a filer, i want to realize two ic part number that the ic mark is removed can you suggest me some part number please?
  6. Thread starter #1 hi i am a student and i have a video sender that its frequency as the producer said, is 1.2ghz and its not working any more, i want to repair it but the ic part number is removed by producer, can you suggest me any part number for this sender? how can i find components datasheets
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