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  1. Umm, decoding demodulated NTSC even in an FPGA may be a bit more of a hassle than I expected. One challenge is going to be all the DSP filtering that needs to be done to separate the luma signal from the chroma subcarrier and modulation. Decoding color information will require implementing a phase locked loop within the FPGA to lock on to the colorburst, and require analog means to decode it. GNU radio and the SDR community might give me some insight this all works. My first prototype will probably be black and white, and may even have the dot crawl all over everything lol! It looks like an un
  2. OK, I'm joining in on this adventure! I posted on reddit asking about AHD video systems wondering the feasibility of them. Looks like it isn't a totally far-fetched idea! My thoughts on the AHD system: Mr.RC-Cam, I commend your progress , I saw the DVR video of the FPV using AHD system, this would be a promising avenue for higher quality on small builds. There is still some work to be done as you pointed out, we need improve error handling a LOT, and allow the signal to degrade gracefully. It looks like it is FM moduated, which has the characteristic of digital where it either
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