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  1. All good up to step #3. The LED never gets to rapid flash. I don't think it ever enters program mode. At any time after power up, I can hold the button and the LED will slow blink, just as it does when holding the button and then powering up.
  2. Yep, system is on, servo operates correctly thru the Fail Safe via the TX. When the TX is switched off, LED flashes rapidly and lights steady, immediately goes out when TX is switched on. I have bypassed the low voltage detection with a jumper from pin3 to GND, no change.
  3. Just built two of these with low voltage detection and I am unable to program any of the 3 modes. LED flashes on power up when holding the button and goes out when released but then it won't accept any of the 3 modes. Pressing the button lights the LED but that's it. Any idea what the problem is?
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