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  1. Thank you Mr.RC-Cam for a very prompt and useful reply. Steve
  2. I'd like to make a CamMan-XP controller but I'm having problems buying the components as they appear to be obsolete. I've managed to buy on eBay a PIC12F629-I/P which I hope will work even though it's not the E/P version. (Temperature difference?) The nearest I can get to the voltage regulator is a LM2940CT 1A Low Dropout Regulator which again I hope is adequate. But the biggest problem is the PS2501-1 Opto IC appears to be obsolete. Is there an alternative to this? e.g. SFH618-2 Buying from Digi-Key is not a realistic option due to the shipping cost to England so I need to buy from Maplin or RS. Kind regards, Steve UK
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