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  1. OK. Is this antenna is good ? VGA glasses are expensive I don’t see any under 280USD and I want buy glasses under 200USD (I searching for new ones not used). You say to buy a checked transmitter and receiver, so maybe AMW633 Transmitter but I don’t know what receiver. What equipment you use (transmitter, receiver, antennas, cameras and glasses)? I do not hurry, I usually think twice before I will buy something
  2. Hi, first I must say that I’m writing from Poland and my English isn’t too good. I understand the general base of working wireless video, but what does the range of working of system depend? I understand that the range is connected with power. Why 1000mW system has range only up to 2500ft (800m) and 200mW system has range up to 1500m? This has not sense. What transmitter/receiver system you can recommend? AMW633 looks good but I seen it only in one shop – here. If I buy the AMW 633 transmitter than what receive I will need? Are those 1000mW and 200mW systems with camera are good? Ther
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