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  1. Hi folks: Using telemetry equipment from GPSFlight.com, you can solve many of the issues I see posted here.. 1. Compressed GPS data + onboard voltage + temperature corrected baro alt -- compressed into a binary format called TracID which is a packetized streaming format 10x smaller than ASCII, moving at 9600 - or an equivalent 96k for ASCII.. 2. Long range - 30 miles + with only 2db gain antennas 3. 1/10th of a second update rate maximum 4. Collision free protocol which enables multiple units to send position information in the same area, and appear in realtime over maps, including satellite image maps 5. I know it takes the fun out of it for lots of folks, but all the firmware has been written, and the product does not require a HAM license. BUT if what you want is to get flight data - it works really, really well.. 6. Actually, adding everything up - it costs LESS than APRS, unless you already bought your HT, ground station, and built all the cables... Much smaller, and ligher even so. www.gpsflight.com - download some sample data from the 'examples' page there.. Tom/GPSFlight.com
  2. Want to be sure folks know about the 'next thing' in airborne telemetery - GPSFlight. Complete long range, realtime telemetry transmitters complete with GPS, Barometric altitude, and long range spread spectrum radio modems with demonstrated range of more than 30 miles.. If you are looking for telemetry, this is what you want! 1. Less expensive, ligher, and smaller than APRS getups 2. Faster update rates - up to 10 units can transmit full position, onboard voltage, etc in one second. 3. Does not require a HAM license 4. Provides 'military-level' telemetry to the hobby market Check us out at www.gpsflight.com
  3. For folks who are considering telemetry with actual detailed streaming data, APRS is *OK*, but nothing like real telemetry. APRS was just not designed for realtime streaming data. Using a GPS and dedicated data radio link like sold by www.gpsflight.com, you get some substantial improvements: 1. The airborne pacakge is less expensive, smaller, and MUCH lighter than a HT, TNC, cables, and GPS wired together. 2. The GPSFlight unit has longer range - 30 miles 3. The update rate for position information is as fast as 1/10th of a second 4. You don't need a HAM license, or to worry about bugging other HAM folks in the area with your crazy 1-5 second update rates! 5. You don't futz around making cables, etc. I have flown APRS.. Interesting, but compared to sub-second update, and accuracy of barometric altitude vs GPS, the GPSFlight option is a totally different animal. See the comparison GPSFlight posts.. http://www.gpsflight.com/GPSF/comparedetails.htm Now, I *AM* biased.. I built GPSFlight after playing with APRS for years!! Tom KD7MKH
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