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  1. I bought a Nutex video transmitter (http://www.nutex.com.tw/mini.htm) from Security Cameras Direct. (They sell it as the "WLS2404".) The transmission quality/range seems OK (for a Part 15-approved device), but my unit seems to have a painfully slow power cycle recovery time. If I turn the transmitter off and then turn it back on right away, the receiver does not lock to the resulting signal. Waiting 30 seconds to turn it on improves the odds a bit, and waiting a minute improves them more. But really to be guaranteed a reliable start you have to wait 2 MINUTES to turn it on again. I verified this with a wall power supply hooked up only to the Nutex unit, so there are no battery discharge phenomena that could be causing my experience. So, a couple questions: 1. Has anyone else experienced this behavior with a Nutex transmitter? 2. Are other low-power transmitters more robust? Specifically I'm wondering about the X-10 unit and the 12V 2.4 GHz unit I see on Black Widow at http://www.blackwidowav.com/bwav2450casedtx.html Thanks very much, Lambert
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