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  1. It was mostly a suggestion. Not something I was trying to set in stone.
  2. A waiver was one of my original suggestions when we first started. This would follow very close to the turbine waiver. Basically you have to get an experienced FPV pilot to check you out every now and then to make sure you're current with the rules. We have a few clubs here in the DC Metro area that do not allow FPV flying. This is for the same reasons you explain here. It's mostly due to the counties hand in their fields management. I can understand their fear since many of them have lost several fields due to development. I would like to leave it open to the field safety officer. If they feel it's something the field is equipped for then have at. There are many fields in my area that are just not equipped for FPV flying. Usually these are existing electric fields in close proximity to houses. --Scott
  3. Let me know when you'd like to write that letter to the AMA. The problem right now is not alot of FPV fliers want to come up with a general rule set or operation standards for FPV flying. I believe it'd be better to start with some guidelines for them and work from there. It might be in our best interest to start a special interest group. However only about 5 people have contacted me in doing so.
  4. I think he ran a new batch of them just recently.
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