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  1. Hi VR, I swapped my twinstar for an easystar. Actually, I keep it in the attic, until I get better at this. Last flight damaged the nacelles. But now, I really like the easy. I've got already a few things: esc25 amps, sportBEC (I know can be noisy, but to start should do I think), kx131, the pan and tilt setup (in the plane) rangevideo tx 500mW with 3 db antenna, and travel Rx with 8 db antenna. A few questions: - Brushless motor (E-Flite 4200KV Brushless), is it an out runner, or an in runner? 4200? That’s huge. Don’t you mean 1200? You later complained about rate of climb. Is this
  2. no more postings in a while. Is this product still being worked on? or all the questions been answered? :-)
  3. Hey Mark, Is that US or Australian $? Seems reasonnable pricing. What do I need to start? Does the 210$ kit + 100$ gps will do? Same pricing and availability from rc-tech in Switzerland? Or from Denmark, it would be even better! you said we could order from them: Would love to avoid import duties! Consider adding a FAQ to your webpage J (questions like NTSC/PAL compatibility, weight, size, text colors, artificial horizon, etc … will come up regularly) Looks like what I’ve been looking for as a first gen OSD. Keep on the good work.
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