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  1. wkstill

    Got my license!

    doh! i found it, i need license, i guess i gonna have to start reading :=)
  2. wkstill

    Got my license!

    I am having troubles finding out if i NEED a license or not? running a 200mW 2.4ghz Transmitter, on the GROUND.. no Aireal ? I can't seem to find the "Wattage" / License Requirements.. :=)
  3. Atmel AVRs are very nice too.. STK500 is like $80.00 I use atmega's for lots of small projects, they consume very little power, and contain there own clock gens.. The atmega16 runs @ 16mhz, and has ADC, Voltage Comparators, I/O Serial Ports.. Tons of info can be had at avrfreaks, and there are many projects using them to control Servo's..
  4. i just ordered a triton one, it says it does up to 4 cell LiPo, plus a ton of other types. http://www.electrifly.com/accys/gpmm3150.html
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