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  1. Thanks Terry! I decided to roll the dice with the Matco. I guess we'll see what I end up with tomorrow. Does it seems like a lot of the video/audio wireless components sold on the web are very similar, but often RE-branded for different websites..? While searching I found an $400 difference between 2 recvs that look identical.. they even had the same mW rating.
  2. Great site! I found you guys after countless hours of searching for a wireless video feeds for my custom application. I'm looking for expert advice to help get me pointed in the right direction. I'm working on rigging up a wireless video feed in a slighty unorthodox manner. I built a custom RC controlled dolly and strapped a full size consumer size 3 CCD camera to it. The whole rig travels down a zip line (approx 200 to 300 feet) and in order to see if the action is in the frame, I need to be able to see the actual video coming out the camera (I already have a battery powered LCD monitor th
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