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  1. It won't. Anything bigger than 6kb will not compile on the demo MikroC for dsPIC. I think Mark is working with ME on a web based compiler, not sure though.
  2. Wow, some nice progress going on here. You have been quite busy these days Daniel. Well done!
  3. Is not the crystal on the middle ARF soldered? It looks a little loose. Looking forward to the test results and new flight videos.
  4. nice progress Daniel. when you are bored of the smelling that solder, can you post some WIP photos please?
  5. those tiny regulators are lovely. And they would have looked even smaller on 0.6-0.8mm thick PCBs.
  6. Wow, mE is doing quite well. How about an option to skip OSD routines based on a constant defined when compiling the code You know my purpose. Stream data and video to the ground, and do all the nasty things like OSD, and data analysis remotely.
  7. Those boards look awesome. Some headers might need re-aligning a little bit (the factory was quite eager to get those shipped). Luckily, for me there will be a lot less headers as i will not be going for OSD, did I mention that? However still waiting to test that with bob4 (to have "been there, seen that") I am still looking forward to your updated schematics so i can post the simplified version of the board. You can call it DragonLite or whatever, since there will be no OSD I am still looking for radio link options cheaper than the maxstream modules so i can use them to transmit
  8. Can you post more photos of the board please? Is it a multi layer PCB or just bouble-sided?
  9. looks great. Did you solder the pin headers separately?
  10. Daniel was sick a little plus the birthday thing...hope there was not too much drinking as this thread is silent for two day. I hope you have fully recovered now, Daniel.
  11. docphi, are those traces around the current sensor you are talking about? or are you using any other high power stuff somewhere on your board?
  12. Hi Daniel, I am not planning to control the plane, at least not in real-time, but rather in command mode, thanks to your DragonOSD, which i was hoping to use more as a pilot option. I can drop the bob-4 and use the I/O's for the downlink and some sensors. The duplex comm is in a future perspective, so for the beginning I will may start with simple broadcasting. That's 4.8Mbps roughly, is it that good or was it a typo? Not knowing the packet headers i can't tell how much practical data i can get at 4800bps (600bytes/second) will that be suffice for 5hz data update for speed, headin
  13. Hi, what do you guys use for streaming the instrument data to the ground? I am primarily looking into something that will have low-power consumption and a range of 3km for streaming digital data (gathered by a MCU) to an RX on the ground. Any thoughts?
  14. Seems like they are busy indeed. No post in three days...
  15. I will buy one ARTF, without the BOB-4 if possible? Already ordered the OSD module online with the 74mhz osc. Hope the current sensing module is included I cant help reading the post from the very first step over and over again, and everytime i do so i learn something new. This project is a real inspiration to all the beginners out there, like me, who used to look at OSD and in-flight AI as to a rocket science. Thanks for making it so much easy and clear. time to sticky this thread i guess
  16. Daniel, Can you please post the updated list of components including the barometric sensor? How did the schematics change from the initial hand drawn picture you posted on Page 7?
  17. True indeed. I am just too lazy to check if there are already DIY dsPic programmers and how well PicFlasher from ME uses them. Daniel, have u used ME's flasher? or does it only work with ME boards/programmers?
  18. I currently have the EasyPic4 board and i love it. Will probably order the programmer for the dsPics from ME so i could play with Daniels code.
  19. Great job, Will there be a release of the schematics, for those who want to add/remove hardware?
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