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  1. Hi All, I kindly ask if anyone can help with a project I have on the go. I have recently got into RC 4 wheel drive cars and have a winch that is basically driven by a servo motor and controller. I also recently upgraded to a three channel 2.4 ghx transmitter system, however the 3rd channel is simply on or off, ie two positions. I had hoped it was a full channel or at least three position, like high neutral low etc. The end points are adjustable as is direction but inside some really awful menu system. I have heard of a controller where it was activated by switching the signal on repeatedly and it would automatically pay out cable, stop and then reel in and so on. This seems like it would be ideal to implement in a pic like other projects here have done, but I do not know where to start with the programming at all. I would like to be able to switch from the TX, say from full left to full right on the 3rd channel, and this would start the winch unwinding, switch again and it would stop, swtich once more and it would wind in, switch and it would stop, and repeat, switch again and it reels out etc. if anyone can help in any way it would be much appreciated. Thanks Tim PS I still have some 12c509s if this makes any difference.
  2. Hi All, Does any one know, or have suugestions for how to disable the agc side of a reciever for the purpose of using the RSSI, as Mr RC Cam did during his antenna tests?? I wish to replace the long wire on the Rx with a base loaded whip( for a micro heli ), and then test for best range etc, but as Mr RC Cam had no agc on his test he got the figures he needed. the FM chips in most of my Rx's is the 31136 and so i know where the RSSI output pin is, is it simply a case of lifting the signal after the cap, and cutting the trace there?? I would use a commercial deans type of antenna, but here in the UK we are on 35Mhz, and as such there is already an inductor at the rx end( on another note here, would it be best to chop the wire down to size and then change this inductor to suit?) all suggestions welcomed thanks Tim
  3. Just a quick thought, build the rc-cam servo tester, set the speed to a reasonable travel and use it for triggering the shutter button on the cam via button mounted servo. could be set to give a pic from every second or two to probably over a minute between end stops. good for us guys with no spare channels on the heli/plank! maybe have a downlink for lining up shots, but have the cam auto trigger what do you think? Tim
  4. Yeah , I understand that eleimination is the best way forward, just need to fid the right connectors, i.e pcb mount on both sides. will keep looking out for them! thanks Tim
  5. Hello ALL, does any one have a suggestion on the length of coax, from the pcb terminal on the Rx to the GPP, using RG174, and SMC connectors. I understand it should be short as posible, but any guidance is appreciated.
  6. Hello All, Any suggestions welcome, I have built the failsafe as described by MR.RC-Cam and it works very well, however sometimes if the power is switched off, and then back on within a short period of time there is no response from the servo, nor is there any failsafe action. if the power is left off for some time then on next power up it seems okay. would thid be some charge left in the decouple cap preventing the pic from resetting or something? also, how much trouble would it be to add a low voltage activation on this system, by way of a zener ref and some use of the spare logic gate? thanks in advance for any help Tim
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