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  1. Sorry for digging out this old thread but the questions fits perfectly here. Did anyone managed to swap one fo these from 900Mhz to the 1.3Ghz range? As 900Mhz antennas become more scarse I'd like to convert mine to use, say 1280Mhz instead. I'd still have the problem of the vTX that probably I won't be able to covert as well but at least I'd need to buy only one part instead of two.
  2. Well I tried to flash it but of course it didn't work. Your version seemed easier to use and with some added cool features compared to others I've seen. I just feel too lazy to go and do one. Thanks anyway.
  3. Hi, Is is possible to convert the code to a Pic12F675? I have several available here so it would be great to use them for this. Thanks.
  4. I have nothing, i bought sometime ago on ebay. I know it's a 1.2Ghz model, the camera looks like the one on the pic posted on the first post of this thread. This was one of the very first videos i've done with it. Really low quality. NOTE: My flying skils were not very good at the time.
  5. This thread gave me some hope to keep using my cam. Thing is i don't have a way to measure my TX frequency has i don't have access to those fancy equipments that do that. So i ask almost knowing the answer, if there is a way to measure it?
  6. Hi, I wanted to be able to control a onboard cam using a computer. Basically i would need to make the computer send data to the RC TX using two channels. Does anyone have done anything like this? I've seen many schemes for the opposite, sending data from a TX to a PC. I wanted some cheap stuff i could build and try. Because the way to receive the video on the pc i already have now i need to control the camera postion confortably seated in front of a pc. Thank you.
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