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  1. The DVR, Goggles and LCD screen all showed the same thing. It only occurred that one time and I am not seeing it on the bench.
  2. This is a new quad set up that I flew only once earlier without this problem. Note that the top edge of either the first frame or the first part of the originally longer clip shows at the bottom. The only thing I changed from the first flight was to add a LCD panel to the ground station which may have nothing to do with it. Any ideas on what may be happening?
  3. Yes too old apparently. It quit connecting to the editor long ago and I thought I would try a differant computer but no such luck. Thanks for posting the link.
  4. Anyone know of a site from whch this application can be downloaded? Thanks!
  5. Thanks Thomas That was the same conclusion I came to except not from my junk closet which is full of my wifes old shoes. I found a small one made by Auvio that Radio Shack carries.
  6. I'm using a Lawmate 1.2 Rx and need a small speaker for the audio output to hear the motor run and on-board vario. Can you recommend a speaker or speaker specs for this purpose?
  7. Follow up. Not having a scope as suggested to check the video level I resorted to swapping parts. First thing was to try another Fox 1.3 Tx with no improvement. Next a Lawmate 1.3 Tx same result. I then bypassed the RVOSD and the diversity receiver resumed normal operation. Lastly I then tried a different camera (201), which worked with the OSD connected. Sooo what this means is that the 480 camera originally installed was not compatible with the RVOSD and Diversity receiver. It would produce a good picture only it the diversity receiver was bypassed. I do not have another 480 camera to try but suspect that the problem may be just this camera since I have used it successfully with the same equipment in the past. I flew with the 201 camera yesterday and everything worked fine. Still getting some interference on 1.28 at 12 second intervals. Maybe a beacon at a nearby airport?
  8. Flew today on 1280MHz video and the interference was much less although there are still bursts of white horizontal bars as shown in this uncut clip. More importantly note at 9:50 I tried manually switching between patch antennas and one signal was extremely bad. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PkLkUvhi-YA Back on the bench in trying to duplicate this behavor I notice that both leds are flashing constantly at a high rate. My spotter said they were doing that in flight. I tried differant sensitivity settings and anything above #1 produced the same result. I could still manually switch between antennas but after a few seconds both leds would constantly flash at a high rate. This was with the video Tx about 20 feet away from the Rx. Is this normal? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1BbQl0dr2CA[/media]
  9. Yes it was. I did originally have a problem between those two but changing from Fox to Lawmate Rx's solved it. Apparently the Fox digital Rx isn't filtered very well.
  10. Thanks Thomas. 1280MHz will be the first thing to try. Onboard equipment includes- Fox 800mW 1.3 Tx with 1.3 dipole Scherrer 433 Tx/Rx RVOSD THERMAL SCOTT audio varimeter (wingedshadow.com) E-Flite 25BL motor and Phoenix ICE 50 ESC Castle 10amp BES Maxx Products electric spoilers tinyurl.com/6wfnsuu
  11. Thomas could I get your opinion on the possible cause of this interference. It occurs unless the plane is close and directly in front of the ground station. Fox 800mW Tx on 1160MHz with 1.3 dipole antenna Twin Lawmate Rx's on patch antennas with a diversity I have flown a differant plane at this site with the same model video Tx/ground station and the reception was perfect. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3B7_HZK_Iw
  12. If it is interference affecting just the ground station that would make sense but it seems the planes location changes it or maybe the interference intensity is just changing and it seems that way. One other possible factor that I forgot to mention is that this year for the first time the park service has started watering the basins early in the morning during the peak temperatures in summer. They turn the sprinkler off at 8:00am and I'm usually out by 9:00 so the grass is dry but the ground is still soaked. Here is a clip from March using the same video equipment. The only time the video gets bad is when the plane is off to the side of the patch antennas pattern and low. http://vimeo.com/13650811
  13. I'm not following your thought process on this statement. I would have thought this would be an expected reaction. As the plane flys further away from the interference source would not the problem is reduced?
  14. I have noticed that there is no visable banding when the plane is sitting close to the ground station. I had previously tried the other channels and noticed no differance but will try it again.
  15. There was no one else at the field except me that day and the next closest flying spot that I'm aware of is about 5 miles away. This is another clip where I fly from the problem field to the second one 2 miles away. I've reviewed the flight and it has intermittent banding up to about 1 mile. At 2 miles the banding is gone although the video signal has degraded. Also interesting that the banding even near the first field isn't constant but turns on and off. http://vimeo.com/12892074
  16. You are right of course. We have been using this field for a couple of years with no problem so it didn't immediately jump out as the first suspect. Would this type of interfence be coming in through the ground station antenna or the aircraft electronics? In other words any chance of filtering?
  17. FYI I when back to the same field yesterday and got the same results even with the Radio turned off. I then drove to another field 2 miles away and tried it. The banding was almost all gone so apparently something is interfering at the first site. http://vimeo.com/13586397
  18. Any ideas on what is causing the intermittent horizontal banding in this video clip. Motor run has no affect. Equipment includes – 900MHz 500mW on board video Tx with a 191 camera operating on channel #1 (910MHZ). Ground station has two patch antennas and a diversity receiver. 433MHz RC. http://vimeo.com/13469726
  19. The best reported results with a ½ wave monopole antenna have been using a vertical antenna with a 45 degree downward facing counterpoise. My application won't allow this and the counterpoise needs to be at 90 degrees to the antenna which will be mounted vertically. My question is from an engineering standpoint does the counterpoise need to be straight and do other electronics/wires near it have any affect on the antenna performance or is this just a try it to find out situation?
  20. I would place the odds on that at zero to none. The XY sensor can be used in place of the Z.
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