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  1. Man this is a neat project. With the current crop of telemetry you could have an intelligent array of antennas based upon actual plane location! I guess it will call come down to vector math in the end!
  2. It seems most FPV vendors are switching to the new two button 900Mhz receiver. Has anyone tested these and confirmed they are as good as the Racewood units? -Ken
  3. A better 900Mhz receiver....a dream but who knows. Dreams sometimes do come true. #1) You expect Eagletree to ship? The system is public knowledge so no wikileaks here. #2) Jeti? I cannot see a big player want to tackle the small FPV market. 700 users... #4) I have spoken with the designer of the Ruby. Nice guy. Has FPV in mind and will add an OSD later....or an open interface to an established OSD like Remzibi. -KEn
  4. Shame, I would liked to have owned this. I still think there is a market for a high end receiver. People will sell themselves into it after the cheapo 900 Mhz receivers tire them out.
  5. If you want reputable go to Dpcav.com and get all your stuff. If you want to take a chance you can buy off brand stuff and save some bucks. You pays your money and you takes your chances. I have tested off brand 900 Mhz transmitters with a spectrum analyzer. They are simply not in the same league as the real gear. Do I have some off brand stuff...yes...do I depend on it in my expensive FPV planes...not on your life. -Ken
  6. Odd that my oscillator mod worked well until now. I don't think I cleaned the flux off the board well. Perhaps it was just gremlins. -Ken
  7. Does anyone know the Mb/sec of the DN-60? I currently use a Sony-MiniDV deck but would like a non-tape solution. Especially if the unit could be triggered with one switch. I hate having twelve different buttons to press just to record. Yet watching the tape spin is very comforting that you are recording... -Ken
  8. Being like Scarlet O'Hara I depend upon the kindness of others. Luckily Gary Evans has done the same mod and had the prescience to take a photo. Thanks so much Gary. I think they keep the ribbon cable standard so they can include whatever RF deck is cheapest that week.
  9. I have a bird wattmeter which I use to test transmitters output. Unfortunately I only use the 900 Mhz band and have no slug for 1.3. As the previous poster said if you would be willing to buy the slug I could test all your units. Yet a spectrum analyzer would be better as it would tell you RF energy radiated at your specific wanted frequency versus a summation of all power out. My cheap USB spectrum analyzer only works in the 900 Mhz band but has taught me volumes about transmitters I have purchased. The bird wattmeter lets me match antennas to transmitters and see how transmitt
  10. I want to replace my RF can with one from DPCAV. Unfortunately the pinout is different. Is there anyone who has done this before? Thanks, Ken This is the comtech RF can. Mine has a different pinout.
  11. I am currently looking for a cheap pico projector. The second wave of devices has arrived pushing the first wave into the bargain bin. Once I find a sale on a unit with decent light output I will try this. In the meantime I am working on my own Trimersion hack with a 5.8 receiver. -Ken
  12. I set up the transmitter on the bench. It has a great picture and does not get as hot as my 900 Mhz gear. I cannot wait to try it in the air! -Ken
  13. I wired up mine with a servo cable plug. Now I can move the meter to several differnt receivers. They work great!
  14. I'm in. -Ken Ps: I would like two transmitters as I am cruel with my gear.
  15. If the door has not closed yet...i'm in for two. Don't know how I missed this. darn vacation! -Ken
  16. If you are too stubborn to listen to the above advice then please have a friend videotape the entire event. It will be the most expensive twelve seconds of your life. We will all enjoy it. -Ken
  17. I have no extensive rework experience. Yet with some difficulty I was able to remove the stock filter. A four step process is best: Step one is to try and cajole a friend with extensive rework experience to do it for you. Step two is to use solder braid and a solder sucker to remove all the solder from the three legs and the solder bridge above. Step three is to use pincers to destroy the metal can of the filter. You need access to heat up the metal base which is attached to the PC board with solder. Step four is to heat the metal base from above with a high wattage solde
  18. Division in microcontrollers is a slow process internally literally chewing up clock cycles. Hardware is cheap. Could not you have an extra input with a Z-axis thermopile. Just compare sky to ground relative values every once in a while. IMHO the OSD needs ultrasonics for accurate altitude anyway. This might be the golden opportunity to include it. Just compare values and when it goes crazy you are upside down . -Ken
  19. Not being an expert (in anything )... Nasa uses bimetallic heater elements to keep their electronics nice and toasty in the depths of space. I remember goldmine electronics had some surplus which looked fun to play with. I would think going that route might waste a bit of amperage. Perhaps a second battery dedicated to non-essential systems. I would guess you will be using a fairly large plane with gas power. No need for counting grams like we do on the electrics. -Ken
  20. Daniel, Will the eval copy of MikroC compile the firmware? Are there any libraries needed to add on to the source code. Seems like MikroC is too much for the recreational user. If we could port the code to Picbasic or find a cheaper compiler.... Thanks, Ken
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