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  1. Another pic showing the interface to the GPS - the little Header board that you can see was actually from the earlier Twinstar that I had for FPV (recycling in action!!). Phil T
  2. Alan, there appeared to be no impact on the other guy's 2.4 Plane which is re-assuring as more people are going 2.4 and I didn't want to find myself alienated when I wanted to fly. However - as I said - there was a marked degradation in the video quality which makes sense given his Tx is about 1M from my Rx - so solo spots my be the order of the day for me. Finally received the Dragon OSD which took a bit of plumbing in as you can see. Flew once last week but forgot the camcorder AV In lead so couldn't record anything. The system is excellent with a lot of information to be distracted w
  3. Hi Guys - Scott inspired me to post my first effort. I only have a couple of FPV Flights under my belt but this was the first time I managed to get my Camcorder working to record anything. The Large / Compressed files are compilation of a couple of flights on Saturday (a bit cheesy but it had to be 'Top Gun' soundtrack for the first!!) - the small file was a close encounter on a later flight. I was flying at the local Club which is very restricted for space. I hope that as my confidence and equipment develops - I can find somewhere to fly at greater ranges! http://www.megaupload.com/
  4. Daniel, what I was thinking of would only be used during final stage of landing and give an 'accurate' visual height warning at say 2 or 3 Ft as you cut the throttle and start the 'Flare'. This would probably need to be adjustable in the menu - slightly higher for bigger / heavier model - lower for lighter etc. I've only got a handful of flights under my belt yet and I'm sure my visual perception will improve but an accurate warning would increase chances of a successful landing (i.e. not breaking Prop or Undercarriage!!). I'm expecting the OSD to arrive in the next couple of days an
  5. Daniel / Thomas, during future development(s) of the Dragon, would it be possible to incorporate on the spare Sensor Input - an accurate visual warning of height just before touchdown - for those who are using FPV platforms that have to be 'Flown In' - judging the Flare on the goggles can / is tricky and a sensor capable of reasonable accuracy / repeatability could be the answer?. Came across this on Sparkfun -- it might be suitable for the specific purpose? http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_i...oducts_id=8502# Regards, Phil T
  6. Came across this on one of the later videos. The mist was worsening and a guy on the flightline was using a 2.4Tx which was affecting the video quality - but you can clearly see the Tucano coming past from left to right and just below!!. Its only a small file - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=TJLNZT18 Phil T
  7. I've been playing with IDVD and the videos from yesterday and come up the following (its a bit cheesy but was aimed at sharing with some of my fellow club members) and ITS BIG! I might have to work out some compression and upload again! http://www.megaupload.com/?d=64HJB0X4
  8. Latest update! Camera mod was fantastic (increased height / lower angle) - gives better ground perspective and far less susceptable to bright sky messing with agc etc. I will now make a more permanant and streamlined bracket. The extra weight of camera and battery was very noticable with the first landing being more of a firm arrival! - but soon got used to the different response / feel of the model etc. As if this wasn't enough good news - I got the Camcorder working fine so managed to capture two flights - its almost surreal watching them. Any advice on the best way to upload them
  9. Alan, standard color scheme me! (well, to be honest it normally incorporates green but I ran out after recovering a WOT4) - I do like my Fluorescents!. I suppose it doesn't matter what it looks like - I'm looking out of it not at it - YES!! Had a couple of flights with the camera today - good but not brilliant. Camera angle too high (again!). Just finished a mod (polystyrene wedge to increase height and lower angle) so hopefully will be perfect tomorrow. I was expecting problems looking through the prop (obviously not an issue with the Twinstar) but absolutley fine - hardly noticable.
  10. Pictures of UnoWot posted for info! Maiden flights last week were awesome (Camera etc not fitted) - hopefully will fly with Camera this weekend. Dragon OSD is on its way and is I planned for the incorporation during the build (I Hope!) it should be a relativly simple retrofit when it arrives. I'll post pictures / report later. Phil T
  11. Hi Alan - Welcome to the RC-Cam Forum. I bought the Camera from Black Widow in the US and its supplied with a 70 Deg Lens as Standard. As its my 1st venture and not knowing anything different - it seems just about right - nice sense of 'situational awareness'. The camera output is excellent - may only note of caution is because it is so sensitive (works fanastic even at dusk and beyond!) - if you angle it to high the brightness compensation means the ground can become dark as the plane pitches. As soon as you point the nose down - ground becomes beautifully clear again so - I experimente
  12. I will drop a note to the guys at Black Widow to ask if there is documented 'procedure' etc that explains what to do and what effect there is on warranty! By the way - I did try with a friends Panasonic DC at the field - absolutely perfect - I guess I was just unlucky in aribitarily choosing the JVC DC at the time!! Regards Phil T
  13. I came across this video splitter from RC-Tech - which is perfect because I would ideally want to caputer and view at same time. However, because this has seperate video level 'Adjustment' - would it alleviate the problems (by being able to adjust Video Level as Kilrah suggested previously) I am having with DC? Any thoughts? Phil T
  14. Terry, tried to measure with a digital meter which was junk. However, did a bit of bodging with a couple of fixed and variable resistors and there is a marked improvement - not perfect - now looks more like interference that Sync. There was a marked transition from unviewable to black / white to normal to white as the Pot ran out of travel. So I guess there's mileage in it - its about selecting the right value to match the I/P impedance? I have a video of before / after but don't know how to upload it - do I need some privileges from the Forum Admin?? Phil T
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