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  1. The mix might work, but I want each half of the stick to control a servo wholey, ie: Top - Servo 1 at max, servo 2at min middle - Servo 1 at min, servo 2at min bottom - Servo 1 at min, servo 2at max Not sure the mix would achieve this? James
  2. I have a requirement to use one axis of the right stick of my transmitter to control two RC channels, ie: the top portion controls one servo full range and beneath controls a different servo, also full range. I know it would be easy with a PIC, but are there any commercial circuits to allow this? James
  3. Hey Terry, yeah finally rebuilt the exploration robot far enough to start workig on improving the video link. I'm a little worried about the stress on the PCB trace ( if soldering the pigtail directly here), I'd like to mount the connector direct to the case as in the thread, but my antenna is N which is a bit big! any suggestions on how to go about getting the feed to the the N connector on antenna? PS. i've bought one of these: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...AMEWN%3AIT&rd=1 Maybe a MMCX connector on the case of the receiver? James
  4. Whats best way to solder a replacement cable onto a module like below? the stock cable has all the screen pulled to one side and soldered to case, and the center soldered to the PCB - is this OK? Also what would be the best bulkhead connector to use? SMA? (2.4ghz) James
  5. Anyone ever used the cam module from a camcorder ? my sony's comes off as a seperate unit - are we talking 5v, GND + composite out - or is it more complex than that ?? James
  6. is it OK to be pumping the 12v RS232 signal into a video level input ? is this likely to damage my TX if I try it ? James
  7. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...mMakeTrack=true £48 Looks good, I have the 1 watt version and am attaining around 3km range, I suspect the 2watt is gonna be good fun ! James
  8. my video channel has terrible audio, so crackly the signal loses integrity at about 50% of video range data modems VERY expensive for 3km+ range I allready have the tinytrack anyway... James
  9. yup most definately I just realised the test was a little unfair - it was running at 9v instead of 12v - will this cause a big RF output difference ? James
  10. ok first tests were disappointing - slightly less range than old antenna will post some pics tomorrow to see if anything obvious is wrong will also try removing all coax James
  11. thanks, yes specs are up to 4ghz, ok to use a short length of rg58u ( about a foot ) ? James
  12. Can anyone suggest an inexpensive way of transmitting APRS audio signals to about 5 miles free air? Walkie talkies don't have the fidelity to use James
  13. Can bnc ( should it be 50 or 75 ohm ? ) be used at 2.4ghz ? I have lots laying around but no SMA for the GPP James
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