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    TX controlled nav lights

    Anyone have any ideas on how to put the lights on a separate switch then? One for the position lights, one for the landing lights, strobes and beacon always on?
  2. b52freakshow

    TX controlled nav lights

    The Nav Lights system is almost perfect but I wish I had the prowess to make a couple tweeks. First, how can I program the chip so that on power up, the strobes are continuously on and the position lights and landing lights are controlled by a three position switch? The system would work like this--switch off = strobes on, position lights and landing lights off; switch middle = strobes and position lights on, landing lights off; switch up = all lights on. Second, in a perfect world, the system would have a rotating beacon circuit that is always on with the strobes! For now, I plan on using a RAM 04 rotating beacon and RC-Cam nav lights, but this will add the extra weight of a 9v battery and some extra circuitry. Lastly, it shouldn't be a problem, but I will have a strobe on each wing tip. I assume that I can wire the strobe LEDs in series and add the proper resistance. Thanks for the advice in advance.