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  1. Does this converter for DX7 reorder the signals outputs, because i want to use it on an UAVP and i cant adjust on uavp the chanel orders. i need a ppm pulse whith the defalt order.
  2. i was talking with wolferl and he told me that in this weekend he will get an AR7000.... maybe a ligth in the end of the tunel for this.... do you dont ha a topic that are hacking the AR7000? But i need a this working in hte next week... so i thing i gona buy a used radio for now... but after i will got it flyng with the AR7000.
  3. It is a good news have one microcontroled conversor.... but can this conversor reorder the crazi sequence of AR7000... i need to know if i will try to change uavp software... make a microcontroler based conversor or buy a new radio system..... Considerating that i need to learn all about pic and programing a pic i think i gona buy a new radio to get it work until i learn about it
  4. Yes i got depper and depper... i was planing to try to develop the software of UAVP.... but not NOW.... i talk with wolfer and he sad to me that this wont be soo simple to change on software.... i thing i gona buy a new radio for now! -#@$#@%#W$WA@%@#$@FT%%@WEFWER@##@@!--- Ok i feel better now... i wiil got you updadtes
  5. Hi.. My conversor finaly works... but i´ve found a pronblem.. the quadrocopter dont allow me to set the chanels order like mk alow.. i need a traditional chanel order like Thr/Roll/Nick/Yaw or Roll/Nick/Thr/Yaw... has any way to setup it on DX7 or correct the sequence
  6. Hi.. i´ve made my version 2 conversor... but when i test it i found the folowing results.... In the scope i foud only 7 peaks in ppm/out... i test all the chanel of the AR7000 and i found that i cant see the ruder chanel on the ppm out...... another thing... the signal voltage of peak is 5v but the low voltage is 2 volts.... whi i found this result? do you found something like this... this is the first valid result that i found! iam using 4150 diods in stead of the 4148 can be this.. i dont think so... and i use pin 4 and 12 to invert the signal I realy dont know wat more to do.. more tha
  7. in the quadrocopter from uavp it have a tl431 set to 3,3V. can i use this to the conversor
  8. thanks for the answer. i wiil try to make an discret version of it because is dificult to find all the SMD components here. whem i finish i will report to you. thanks one question can i use tl431 in in place of the aat3220?
  9. Hi everyone... my quadrocopter is finaly ready. so yesterday i try to test it with ar7000 and it dont works... my board is the an old version i think the november one... them i see that has a lot of changes and grats results... my question is does my board version works. i dont have a scope to test it. one mistake that i see is that i was wiring the ar7000 wrong. the last chanel is ruder. another thing can you post the schematics here to me? Another thing... i dont know if the quadrocopter will work with the ppm inverted. does anyone try it? my is the one of www.uavp.de Congratulations
  10. Hi. My controlers and motors dont arrive yet... but i have a little problem with the componentes. the caps C1 and C2 that are drawing as they are polarized caps (.022uF and .01uF) I lost a lot of time to find it with out any suces. them loking to the pfotos posted i dicover that this caps are not polarizad caps !?! Is that correct... is the only missing part for my conversor.
  11. i´ve routed it.... take a look on the photos. I nee only one wire to plug pin 8 to gnd there is any mistake here?
  12. i was making it and i has one question. The power pins that you sad to put one cap .1uF are pins 8 and 16?
  13. Thanks for the help i will rout a pcb and make it this wekend!!! then i post photos of it. about the smd board i dont intend to use one due the dificult to fint those smd components!!! Tahnks
  14. Hi everyone. i am making the quadorcopter too www.uavp.de and i have the same spektrun DX7, but i need to say that i am a newbie in eletronics and reading all your discussion avout it i get a little lost on the way. So if you cold can you post to me the final schema that it is actualy and components to use. i intend to go shoping it tomorow and i my english isn´t very well. so i realy need a help of you one thing to make clear? with this circuit i just need to conect the signal out of it direct to the pic on UAVP board? i will not use the mixing uavp circuit is that ok? thanks for the at
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