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  1. I have not chance. Now, I have more than 5 V to power the OSD ???? I have 0,15 V
  2. Not obvious to make welds as small but it is good that it works
  3. Hello, The problem has been solved, it was the weld of the resistor 10K to be rebuilt. Now everything work !!!!! Thank a lot and good flight
  4. I am unable to send mail to the address: thomas[AT]webx.dot.dk Here are the pictures of the current sensor
  5. Current Zero = 197 Current Gain = 35 I work now, finally I try ^^
  6. No, i didn't change setting, just returned connector. But he doesn't change value, he stay at 3,00 AMP. I put a motor for consumming current and he doesn't change the value, fix at 3,00 AMP.
  7. I progress, I returned the connector, and now i have 3,00 Amp fix. The connection is Orange-black-red instaed of red-black-orange.
  8. Ok, please if you can put picture of yourcurrent sensor calibration ?
  9. I tried reversing the pins +5 V and ground but it is identical, it's still at 0. Should we set up something in the windows program ?
  10. ok, I will try and i will tell you if it's ok or not. and thank for your rapid answers
  11. Arf, I must have some length with my setup. And I ask me if the current and consommation are not linked with the counter that remains to 0 on the video "00:00M" ???
  12. Yes i known, but it's indicate to the spécification of current sensor Current sensor ???
  13. Hello, Sorry for my bad english I bought the OSD module and I have a small problem. The current remains to 0.00 A and consommation to 0 mAh. Do you have any idea ? ? Here is my setup And here a video Video Thank and have a nice day
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