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  1. Thanks Mr RC-Cam. Any thing I can look for and find somewhere? I mean I pay for it.
  2. Is it possible to feed three receivers set at different frequencies from ONE Patch Antenna??
  3. I am building the GP Patch Antenna (Goof-Proof Patch) and I am wondering if spraying them in Black paint would result in decrease in performance. I will be using three of them at the same with three different Airwave frequencies. Is there any restrictions as to how apart they must be as a minimum? And do I have to rotate the 2nd and 3rd with respect to the first antenna? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  4. Hello everybody !! I am sure this is not the right place to seek help for my type of problem. But any assistance I might get will be very important and worthy for me. We do multicamera videography and our project is to transmit 2.4g video for assist purpose only from 4 cameras to receivers at the editing console. In 2000 we bought from videocommtech and later in 2004 from lawmate. We did achieve a result but not satisfied. We get very frequent signal interruptions. Lately we came across the Airwave WM633 and AWM625 from Active Robots UK which we eventually purchased. We are still in the preliminary stages of building and setting them up. Can anyone help us? Amongst other things, I would like to know whether we can extend the Antenna by a 50 ohm cable so as to put aerial as high as possible and whether we can have one powerful antenna and splitting the signal to 4 receivers. I thank everybody in anticipation.
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