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  1. Can you get in touch with me please, regarding voice control Regards Roger Forgues aerografixs@hotmail.com
  2. Yes I have been looking at this , and I have ordered another type but will see how good it is. I need to program an on/off only Roger
  3. Thank you all for your kind help. I'm not sure I want to become an expert in micro controller programming but I will look into it Regards Roger
  4. The emi noise you are refering to, is it for the radio control or the camera equipment.. For radio gear, I am using with extreme success , Fiber Optic servo extension. http://forgues-research.com Go to products, then to accessories, and scroll down , just diagrams but I can answer all questions, its my design. Roger
  5. I am trying to learn more about micro controlers and programing them I want to buy a programmer and some tiny controllers.. My need is to creat a on/off switch directly off a R/C receivers. Thank you for any help Roger
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