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  1. Hi Phil, ive already cut my canopy and glued on some wood as a base for the camera & mount to mount to, sorry to hear bout your crash, is yours still stock? Mine is brushless with a 4200mah lipo, ive run it for 20 mins + with lots of life left and brought it back down to watch my nephew learn to fly. How did your twinstar cope with the extra weight? I've shed a lot of weight doing the brushless conversion so hopefully it will be ok, i'd like to add a pan servo too. Im going to change the plugs for the motors and servos for a 6 pin plug, mines a bit messy too. One question, my camera came with an auto iris 3.5 - 8mm f1.4 lense, would that help with light contrasts? can i alter the FOV to the same degree you have on yours?
  2. Hi Phil i have exactly the same camera as you, what lense have you got on it? I have the same plane too, converted to brushless, i was going to mount my camera in the cockpit but didn't want to cut it up without knowing where to get another from.. Im just getting the bits together to fly FPV too. Cant wait!
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