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  1. I have some very small (2.6x 2.6x 0.6cm / 1 x 1 x 0.2 inches) GPS modules for sale. The modules are with the Skytraq Venus 5 chipset which feature high accuracy, fast position lock and low current draw. Integrated patch antenna. Easy to interface to a uC, supply voltage is 3.3V. After application of supply voltage the module sends out position data in NMEA0183 format. Update rate is 1Hz. Weight 8 grams / 0.3oz. Datasheet: http://www.mr-lee-catcam.de/BINARY/skytraq-st01sp.pdf Skytraq Binary Messages: http://www.mr-lee-catcam.de/BINARY/skytraq_AN0003_... SkyTraq Control Center (Windows): http://www.mr-lee-catcam.de/BINARY/Skytraq_GPS_Software.zip NMEA Reference: http://www.mr-lee-catcam.de/BINARY/NMEA_Reference_Manual.pdf The modules are new, price is: 30 USD, shipping is 3 USD flat (worldwide from USA)
  2. This would be nice. I also got the reply from Airwave that the 633TX is supplied with 3.3V. Thanks, Juergen
  3. I will verify this information again, also for my own project (layout is nearly finished, voltage regulator is set to 5V...). An Airwave sales person stated the 5V and guaranteed no damage (I asked him because of a mismatch of data sheets). Well, we know that sales persons are not very deep into technical details. Sorry for the confusion, I will keep you updated. Juergen
  4. Hello, I have some of the populare Airwave 2.4GHz AWM633TX (Video in - 500mW Antenna out) modules for sale. Note: After some discussions it is now clear that the module is supplied with 3.3V and not with 5V as mentioned earlier. 500mW datasheet available on request, but more or less similar to this one: http://www.intelligentflight.com.au/specs/AWM633TX_SPEC.pdf Price is 20 USD, plus 3 USD shipping (USA and world wide). I also have some nice and handy Airwave receiver boxes (AWM638RX). They come with antenna and cables and have a pretty good quality compared to other receivers (I checked them inside and outside, no rusty "gold connectors", recycled coke tins, misaligned components or poor antenna connection). Voltage supply 9-12V. Price is 25 USD, plus 9 USD shipping (USA and world wide). Inside the AWM638RX box is the AWM634RX module. This is available for 10 USD. Paypal, check or wire transfer is ok. Best regards, Juergen
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