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  1. I just got a 171- has anyone removed the case and if so, any suggestions? The lens holder is part of the case-
  2. I'm going to order a 900mhz system from range video. Should I get the kx131 or 151? Higher resolution seems the obvious choice but I think I've seen posts that indicate some issues with the 151. Which would you get??
  3. I'm also interested in any info regarding this issue. I've emailed supercircuits twice with no reply. Cruising around the internet I only find systems on the 4 freq's listed. Can anyone point us in the right direction? I'd like to be able to use more than 1 channel. Although I would prefer using 900mhz, is the 1.2ghz mobicom stuff any good?
  4. I did it now- just came across the VR thing and I'm hooked. I'm sure this has been addressed many times before but I haven't seen any info on pan and tilt goggles- ie, equipment used and more specifically, wiring and connections. I have a Futaba 9C system. Can anyone help me out?
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