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  1. Thanks robyr1! I ordered a unit and received it today..pretty costly!! I tried it out in my apartment and it works well! I'll try it on my craft in a few days. I actually ordered a unit from the post above (www.dpcav.com) I decided to ship it back because you're forced to solder small parts etc...just too involved for me. AJ
  2. Hi Mr RC-Cam, Yes, Brashley sent me a unit, all buttoned up and ready to go. Thanks again for jumping in and assisting...truly amazing! "But if it ain't broke, make it better" I like that I probably would feel better if the MK detected a lost signal which would make this solution 100% Thanks again! AJ
  3. We have lift off! The first successful 2.4GHz MikroKopter flight (I think it’s the 1st) Special thanks to Richard ‘Brashley’ Mr RC-Cam and Arthur P! 1st flight was F L A W L E S S I’m very excited! I’ll have to get use to using my DX7 again. I drained 2 ½ packs with no glitches or issues…more flying tomorrow. A HUGE thanks for the hard work you all put into this! Absolutely no problems to report. I've tested the 'issue' of lost TX signal and the MK's inability to recognize it when using the converter...it really isn't an issue because once the signal is lost the AR7000 shuts throttle input. You also have the option to set it to a lost signal throttle position which allows the MK a slow descent
  4. 1 of those are miiiine! I really didn't think it would be THAT tiny..looks great! awesome job! Wow it's Christmas in January! Can't wait
  5. Hi there, does anyone have a list of vendors that carry 5.8GHz video downlink systems? Just TX and RX no need for camera. I'm having a hard time finding any
  6. Hi Arthur! Question: How would one mistakenly activate the feature you describe below?? Would it be something that's activated through the DX7 such as channel mixing? Selecting 'Acro' as the model type in the DX7 sounds like the safe way to avoid the pitfall below?
  7. Hi, The layout below represents Arthur's final design. I'd like to move forward in having it etched and completed. The 1st layout includes a 3.3v regulator @ 400ma..not sure if this will be a good solution. The 2nd is without the regulator. BTW, Terry over at RC Groups produced both layouts. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  8. Hi osvaldoljunior, Any luck with your converter? I'm very curious...I'm nearing the completion of my MK and would like to use my existing DX7/AR7000. Please update us with your results. Thanks -AJ
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