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  1. i have connected the gps module to the rs232 and COM port but now i need some help with the program or code to receive the data. i know that i can use hyper terminal or visual BASIC but not how to. and how can i translate it to coordinates?
  2. darn thats cool. im trying to connect a em-411 with a max232 and COM port. think you could help me with the code? i will probably use Visual BASIC.
  3. thanks guys! but what are the two other RX and TX outputs for? the COM port uses them all but not the gps, how come?. the origional schematic says "CTS" and "RTS". could it might be "clock" and "reset"? do i even need those output/inputs? one final question. do both the gps and 232 use 5volt?
  4. does anyone knows how to connect a em-411 gps module to a computers COM port through max232 ic? i found this schematic that i think shows how its done. but should RX and TX on the gps switch places? and how will i receive data/code/ascii or what ever i will get and turn them into coordinates? any programs or source codes that anyone knows about? my english sucks so if its not clear of what i need help with please reply and i will explain futher. i really need help with this.... its a school project =) (i do not guarantee that the schematic is correct or even understandable)
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