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  1. I am selling a 2.4GHz video transmitter and receiver with accessories for $100. It has only been used inside while testing for comptability with my Spektrum RC transmitter (also 2.4GHz). Needless to say, they don't play well together, so I purchased a 900MHz system from RangeVideo and no longer need the 2.4GHz system. The system includes: -4 channel 2.4GHz video transmitter -adapter cable from transmitter to RCA and DC power input (4-6VDC) -8 channel 2.4GHz video receiver -120VAC to 12VDC power adapter for using the receiver near outlets -aligator leads for receiver to power from a 12V battery in the field. Photo shows actual system for sale.
  2. I purchased a 2.4GHz TX/RX package from MicroWireless (http://www.microwireless.net/) a while ago (May 2007) and just got setting it up with my balloon aerial photography system. I am using a Spektrum DX6 2.4GHz RC TX to control the pointing of the camera and not surprisingly, I am getting significant interfernce. The odd thing however is that the the RC TX is causing interference on the video signal, but the video TX is not causing problems with the RC RX. This is the opposite type of interference that most people have reported between these types of systems. The video RX signal gets lots of horizontal lines that correspond to the RC TX being turned on and they increase as the TX is moved close to the video RX antenna eventually leading to a complete cutout of the video signal. This testing was conducted with the video TX in close range (several feet). Is there any hope for this type combined 2.4GHz system if I were using a high gain antenna on the video RX? I am doubtful it will help enough to provide adequate range of 500'. If this doesn't work, I suppose I will get a 900MHz video TX/RX system and sell the 2.4GHz system. For the money, it looks like RangeVideo provides the best value. Any opinions? The 900MHz transmitters all seem to need a 12V power source, which means another battery on board. Are there any easy ways around this? Maybe a TX that could be powered from a RC RX or a voltage converter from RC RX to 12V? Thanks!
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