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  1. The headtracker needs a radio link to send its data to the plane, so that the camera can respond. The headtracker needs two channels, for pan and tilt. It is possible to use a second radio for this, which means the plane carries two receivers, one for control, and one for camera pan and tilt control. To avoid the extra receiver, most people use one radio. In that case the headtracker is connected to that radio on the trainer port, the radio then combines the two channels of input from the headtracker with the 3 or 4 channels used to control the plane. So a three channel plane plus two channels for headtracker gives 5 channels or 6 channels used. Thats not all though. Only a few radios make it easy to accept input from a headtracker but still allow control of the plane using normal controls. The Futaba 7C or 9C series (or the no longer sold 8U) make this easy but most brands of radio do not. If you are prepared to use a second radio transmitter and receiver for the headtracker, a 4 channel radio will be ok, but you will then need another radio, providing two or more channels, for the headtracker. This may well be less expensive, especially if you already have some radio gear, but it will be more complex and error prone.
  2. Well, hopefully not stating the obvious, one with AV-in . One web site with a list of AV-in cams is a mountain biking site but the list should still be suitable: http://www.ride-downhill.com/kompatibel%20engl.html . I don't think its an exhaustive list but its pretty good.
  3. This isn't exactly what you are asking, but I have stumbled across this on google: http://books.google.com/books?id=6GnFavzHZ...TO1cKpHhDSiXiLk Chapter 8, which the link takes you into is titled "Motion tracking requirements and technologies" and has some material specifically about head tracking. Might give you good background.
  4. Mr Pibb, I've been lurking around here for a few months just learning. I can't help think it might be simpler to use a second radio. Toddsmodels is advertising the nearly released DX6i for $180 USD - couldn't you run the headtracker through one of those, with an additional Rx onboard? Still cheaper than the module, and you get a second functional radio set in the deal. I am assuming of course that having two Spektrums running nearby will work ok, but isn't that exactly what Spektrum is meant to be good at? This way you also get to keep the supposed native DX7 DSM2 responsiveness, instead of introducing the lags of DX7 to PPM, followed by PPM to DSM2 conversions. I guess dragging two Tx around isn't all that elegant, but then it sounds like you will have a fair collection of cables and boxes and tripods as it is. What do you think?
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