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  1. Some off topic - but here are the wishes for all of you http://niespodzianka.info/goj Merry Christmas
  2. I had some questions about - i will consider T1 input (new board design) for this purpose coneccted to any free RC channel , however all depends from freee space in chip . For now this 16K small chip holding suprisly lot of informations , countings and functions but one timer is still free .
  3. This parts are inductances - all can be 4,7 to 10uH - goot to add some inductances at both ENG input - also for all ADC inputs - this will help to cut noises from/to RC circuit . If you need naked PCB , write me at PM or at remzibi1-AT-poczta.onet.pl
  4. Here are all compacted informations and files - still growing . http://rc-cam.info/viewtopic.php?p=17008#17008
  5. It is open hardware project under TAPR licence , so not copy and sale allowed - but for personal use no problem . Naked printed bards avaliable or ready devices as complete with(or without) GPS modules . Software is not open source but all compiled files are avaliable , as firmware , font and config files and PC software (in fact all included in PC software).
  6. Fortunate community of this OSD owners are growing and growing , including FPV flyers but not only , even some universitys and high schools for experimental use and other projects adaptations as well as some home designers . So lastly I have many additional questions similat to like that : I like to use OSD in another use - on combant plane (with graphics and sigt to aim enemy) , on boat , on U-boat , on RC-car , on real car with recording , on bicykle , on motorbike as parameter monitor , on my Video monitoring system cooperate with PC , on my personal Videos information sta
  7. The chip is extremly well described in datasheet - in my unit first letters I was able to display literaly within 3 hours . Within two evenings all functions for display anything useful was ready . I recommend to read datasheet - there are also explanations for some tips .
  8. New software is realsed : button function - save home position (short click) - video mode change (NTSC or PAL) press and hold button for about 1 second - cofiguration mode (pressed when conecting to power) show information DONE : - latitude - longitude - speed - altitude - to-home course - to-home distance - satelite quantity - video battery voltage - main battery voltage - flight timer - variometer - UTC Time - UTC Date - alarms for distance , ADC , atitude , batterys voltages - 32 static displayed independent graphical-character symbols configurable
  9. Better NOT . At first units was 5V provided but this done more problems than advantages - simply connect USB cable and connect to external battery OSD for supply , as the supply input(12V) is protected against opposite connection . 5V is not protected by any way , so any accident will cause of burned OSD unit - and this is what we do not want to experience . So always use external battery for power-up OSD - USB cable use only for communication , not for supply .
  10. 2.4GHz TX was covered by trees and lose range . 1.2GHz video downlik was working perfect till last moment .
  11. You right - RC RX is very sensitive for any external glitches and his range can decrease dramtically with bad connections or mess in cables .
  12. There is almost ready software with additional ADCchannels - also for current sensor (any current sensor - possible calibration , even two way curerent sensors) - it will work independently from engine (main battery) voltage measurment . Read some more here http://rc-cam.info/viewtopic.php?t=178 - there will be update with files when ready . The main goal of that OSD was not occupy any RC channel - so it be possible to use with anyone even with very cheap 4 channel TX or 3ch (car) . I do not plane to made any turn on -off function - but never say never . instead of turn-on-off dispal
  13. I didn't expected but for some users reference I must also add the GPS picture with expalnation what side is UP what is BOTTOM . Label is always bottom side , GPS must look the UP side to the sky looking for SATs . I know that even in opposite side it can track 8 sats but better is to keep antenna looking in to the sky
  14. You do not need clibing (faling) rate ? you can use it as graphic indicator like arrow up or down or graphic plus numeric value of climbing or falling rate . This climbing rate is working very accurate as the altidude drift is very slow and climbing rate is derivative - so accuracy almost like with air prassure sensor . Anyway - it is absolutely your invetion how you like have screen layout done .
  15. Terry - you removed almost all information from screen . Let say - it is super minimal version of OSD .
  16. How it possible to mist first movie on UK ? that really pity . Next opportunity do not forget about your recoder's battery .
  17. This is not my set and not my movies , it is friend from forum . Here is the ground test of FPV with this camera - 4,5km no problem at 1,2GHz from RV . http://vimeo.com/3135227--WARNING-POSSIBLE-VIRUS This camera is HD Camocorder Aiptek AHD300 - it is 5MP CMOS-Sensor . I think that soon the better cameras will avaliable , so abilitis of aerial record also will increase .
  18. I must show this video - it is example of exelent results using HD Aiptek camera as record camera and FPV camera at one time , have AV otput . This type not giving any delays during record time so FPV is real time , and is possible to turn-off most cameras OSD . Pilot see OSD navigation information but recorded picture is not affected by it , also any possible radio glithes are avoided . http://www.vimeo.com/3334797 set: EASY STAR + RAY RANGE VIDEO 1,2 ghz AIPTEK HD OSD Remzibi DX7 Here is the over 1km high yesterday flight over mountains recorded as HD (look at OSD indication in P
  19. Exactly - shield is not for prevent signal lost , it is even no problem if any lost will . Shield is shelding against external glitches and helping to not watch on screen how ESC works and other "electronic" events in the air .
  20. If cables are longer than 15-20cm use shielded ones - for shorter can be twisted normal , exept if you see any picture problems but then very probably is not only cables problem .
  21. Not yet , however shops ask about . I am looking for any manufacturer , as till now , for everyone who wanted it , all units for individualas i made by my hands . So till now is immpossible to talk with shop about prices for more quantity . It is Ok for not much pieces but if more peoples will ask for it , any factory will need for manufacturing . Already have new improoved version of board in Gerber files . About PC software now is almost ready - all updates of firmare , max7456 character table and configuration settings we can made by one PC software - no more hyperterminals or other
  22. Some changes and some more features , added GPS datum support for world regions . Added 16 two character fully configured graphics objects - so for anyone with graphic talent any displaying style are possible to do - "star wars" style or "funny flying circus" - I do not know - I have not graphic talent at all . But HUD similar to F16 - why not ? - no problem just 5 minutes of settings in HappyKillmore's software . That curious how many things can be fitted in that mega16 chip .
  23. An exelent software for OSD configuration and setting , done by HappyKillmore is avaliable to download here : http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showpost.ph...p;postcount=104
  24. I like to show an unusual flight of pilot nickname darkrall - with adventure . Here is the real fight to get back to base , he flow quite hight and get into low clouds , as in clouds camera lens was vaporated and only white picture , he had to back to airfield only by OSD indications , but there is not artifical horizon . The situation was bad because he had to flight against the wind (with wind speed 50k/h - against wind 10k/h) . Finally even without artifical horizon he made it - and got on field in one piece . His skills is proven as calsical modeler but he is very fresh FPV pilot , but h
  25. Charles Beener relased his program for OSD layout configuration . Link for download here : http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showpost.ph...mp;postcount=96 Any question about usage please ask him in link above .
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