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  1. This is an Opensource Quadrocopter called UAVP. http://www.uavp.de. It use three electronic high speed gyros to control the Roll, NIck and Yaw. It so easy to fly this UFO. I will put more LEDs and on-board video camera to take some videos and pictureslater.
  2. This is my first UAVP out door flight. UAVP version 3.14 with 3x adxrs300, Compass and Accl sensor. 762mm frame, CDROM type outrunner motor and 30A PWM ESC. Payload=907 grams with battery. Home made polyform canopy and fiberglass rod frame. I use dental floss tie all fiberglass rod together.
  3. I have the following breakout boards for the UAVP Quadrocopter http://www.uavp.de the board do not include any electronic parts. breakout board only HMC6352 ADXRS300 LIS3LV20DQ main control board also available. kb6mcc-AT-yahoo.com
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