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  1. OK. So I finally got around to testing the output of my 900mHz vidTX today, and the results were very dissapointing. Here's my setup: I used a Tektronix 2711 SA. I attached the TX directly to the input with a 6" piece of RG-142 coax, using the internal 30dB attenuator. Peak output was 22.5dBm, which equates to roughly 177.8mW nominal. Now I realize there will be a slight loss in the cable, but it shouldn't be more than half a dB, at most. This is very dissapointing, considering the TX is advertised at 500mW. I plan on opening this thing up and trying to fine-tune it for better performan
  2. Thanks for your suggestions everybody. I guess have a lot more research to do. Although I want to keep it simple at first by using the basic stamp style chips, I do see the value of going to the "C" language based options for the ability to get more complex/powerful programs. Man, this is tough. It was easier to decide on my last car.
  3. Ok. here's the deal. I'm a seasoned electronics tech, so I know my way around the stuff. My problem is that I don't know much about microcontrollers and would like to get into this the right way. The right way being, that I want to start small and relatively cheap, but have the ability to grow without having to spend a lot of time/money to expand my capabilities. I have been looking at starter kits, but don't see too many that allow you to program and remove a chip to put in an external circuit though. Am I mistaken? I also need to keep the chip/circuit small and light for RC use. This all
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