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  1. That makes things WAY clearer! Thank you very much Kilrah! I was wondering why all the INU manufacturers use accelerometers, gyroscopes and magnetometers and sometimes even a GPS... now this is clearer to me! I am now investigating the possibility of building a Inertial Measurement Unit enhanced with an infrared horizon sensing device. Are the infrared sensors also slow (like the magnetometers)? I ask you these questions because I want to eliminate the possibility of going on a wrong route in this design... people that have experience in sensors can immediatly tell things/give advices lik
  2. I would need complete 6 degrees of freedom... as far as I see the 6 dof are quite expensive event sparkfun's ones... Would the magnetometer+accelerometer idea work? Has anybody tried it before? I don't see why it would not work... Soyuz P.S.: I'm not russian but I like Soyuz capsule
  3. I did some more thinking on the magnetometer problem... What about using a tri-axis magnetometer to get the orientation in space of the airplane and then substract from the 3 accelerations (read by a 3 axis accelerometer aligned with the magnetometer) read by the accelerometer the corresponding g-components? That would leave us with ax,ay,az accelerations of the airplane along its fixed coordinate system... That should be enough to get the total attitude of the airplane, shouldn't it? As far as I see (if I did not do any mistakes) this system shouldn't need gyros... Thanks, Soyuz
  4. Hi there! Thank you for your answer. I read about using magnetometers in order to correct the "attitude readings". My understanding is that these magnetometers get a reference with respect to the local Earth magnetic field... is this correct? How do you know where the local earth magnetic field points? I assume one could find this information from some maps or somewhere online? Even if one can find this information, what do you do when you fly near magnetic anomalies? I mean what if there is iron accumulation underground.. wouldn't that throw off the magnetometer readings? And if this i
  5. Dear all, Can anybody give me some links/references to good tutorials (introductory tutorials) to Kalman filtering? Also can anybody explain me if the infrared horizon detecting system would work above water? (above a sea, ocean)? I've noticed some Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs) on the market and their producers say that those units are drift free. How can a gyro&accelerometer unit be drift free when we all know that gyros and accelerometers have all kinds of drift...? Does that mean that I can fly their IMUs for 4 hours and not have any drift at all? Thanks, Soyuz
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