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  1. Hello, Since a few years I own EVG920 video goggles (RVISION from rangevideo). Everything was fine until last week when suddently the picture faded to light grey / white. This happened during a FPV flight, fortunately I was on the way back home ! Now this problem occurs all the time, usually after a few minutes when the goggles are "cold", and after a few seconds when they are "warm". A simple power cycle will restablish the picture. This problem is not rare, I have seen other people complaining about it on other forums, but no fix for it. Here are the goggles we are talking about
  2. I did the measurements, and I got 1.96Vpp when camera not connected to the receiver, and 900mVpp when connected to the goggles (full white level). So the signals seem to be allright. I noticed a voltage drop of 200mV when going through the OSD, I will have to inspect this part, this is not normal. But still in direct connection to the goggles the picture is very dark. I suspect the goggles, but don't worry I'm definitely not happy with these and I am about to order some fatsharks. Coupling caps: they are 470uF. Regards,
  3. Mr.RC-Cam: The source is a KX171 camera, connected to an airwave receiver through an OSD (own design). It seems I can't adjust the video level on airwave receivers. Every input/output is 75 ohms, I'm not using the Y cable trick. See here, the RX (airwave receiver with 4 buffered output): http://www.wiredhouse.fr/2010Projects/video_splitter/splitter.html I will check the camera video signals on a scope, they may be a bit low. Regards,
  4. Thanks Kilrah. Sure, I could adjust brightness/contrast on the display devices. That's what I'm doing right now, but on some devices (ex: iTheater goggles) the contrast is too strong, and brightness too low, even on max settings. I had a search before about this topic on the forum, and I noticed that the Oracle Diversity controller has an ic that can match the brightness of the two video receivers. Have you got any idea about what IC is used ? It the system doing amplitude control on the two signals ? Regards,
  5. Any IC manufacturer/reference maybe ? Thanks,
  6. Hello, I am looking for a method to adjust black level (brightness) and white level (contrast) of a video signal. Ideally, I would plug a device between a video receiver and video devices (LCD display / video glasses, etc), and be able to change brightness and contrast. Any ideas about how I could proceed ? Regards,
  7. Hello, Following Old Man Mike posts about CPOD: I suppose the antenna below is a CPOD (Circular polarized omnidirectional antenna),am I right ? CPOD seems to be great for our hobby as it provides omnidirectionality, circular polarisation (and not a too bad gain). Regards,
  8. Hi Alastur, No, I'm not using interrupts to control the servos. Tight loops Fabien
  9. Hello ! Here is my first contribution to this forum: a "return home" system with some extras (altitude, speed) based on Alastur's idea: http://www.wiredhouse.fr/2008Projects/FPV.html Design is based on a SIRF Star GPS (a very old one ), and a pic16F876. It's working great and I never get lost anymore Fabien
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