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  1. Hey guys: What is the best way to get rid of vibration on CCD cameras or even digital still cameras? I fly with cyber-flyer and we tried his Sony digital cam in my Taylorcraft and it doesn't take good pictures unless I shut down the engine! Do we need to find a better camera with image stabilization or a faster shutter, or is there a way to get rid of those vibs? Also, on my CCD cameras, they do vibrate somewhat in flight. The right cam is pretty good, the left cam vibrates more and is a bit annoying. Did any of you guys figure out a good way to dampen these vibrations? I would like it to be as if the plane was dead stick, but maybe I'm asking for alot? Thanks for any info!! -=>Raja.
  2. Hi: I live in Boston too. I can fly pretty much anything that can fly, and, if you need a pilot, are willing to compensate, I will consider going to Philly to fly for you while you shoot. I fly helis for MIT and travel as needed for them. If interested you can email me at rbort-AT-juno.com -=>Raja.
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