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  1. about the angle of mounting the aerial, why don't you try it youself? I'm also curious to know your testing result. So far as I know, the video signal gets a bit distorted when my plane is flying on the left most of the 8dbi patch antenna, err, it is like 90 degrees left at the patch antenna.
  2. right, i got too many things to carry to the airfield. A video google may be an ultimate solution, but I'll have to save up a lot before I have all equipment like head tracker, Futaba transmitter and full range receiver. That really cost me a lot. BTW, do yo have idea that how long JR full range receiver R900S can still be workable?
  3. I'm using a SONY laptop TR5 (centrino 1.1G and 768mb DDR) and a GADMEI UTV330+ USB TV BOX. NO LAG, very smooth video under full screen mode. I also use a video splitter connector to link up the TV box and an Archos 605wifi together which is for recording AVI files. I used to take a DV with me to the field, but I dont like the post editing. I suggest that you use a DVR or PMP to make recordings rather than making MPEG on your computer. Whenever I record MPEG on my laptop, a noticeable lag does hinder me from flying. No delay when I use laptop for viewing and PMP for recording.
  4. I'm currently using a 10" laptop and have real time (no delay problems) video transmission with a USB TV box. It drains battery from a USB port, no external power source is required. So far I'm satisfied with the quality but I prefer to use a PMP for recording videos. I didn't go for a google because it well exceeds my budget, so I don't need a head tracker at the moment as well.
  5. I used to have a USB TV tuner box which captures and records real time video. But it has a very serious delay problems and sometimes dropouts occur if 'bit rate' is set to high. It may be due to the slow processor of my notebook. I don't recommend that you use a capture card to reduce the steps of transferring videos to computer.
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