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  1. Does anyone have a source to purchase a 900mhz dual polarized patch antenna? Basically imagine taking two patch antennas, one vertically polarized and the other horizontally polarized. Now merge them together into a single housing and you have what I'm looking for. Strange thing is that no one seems to sell these buggers. I found this one but can't find a reseller, and they're not returning calls or email. http://lairdtech.thomasnet.com/item/rfid-a...?&forward=1 I travel with my FPV setup and do not like having to deal with two large 900mhz patch antennas, especially now with a pan/tilt mechanism and tracking system. Thanks! -John in KY
  2. Anyone have any experience with the brand name "BaDa"? They make several 2.4ghz transmitters ranging from 500mw to this one that claims 3.5W. I noticed that the power consumption is very high on some, for example the 2W version's documentation seems to say it uses 3000mw of power at 12V. There are several also on ebay ranging from $50-$60USD. http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.19831
  3. All I did was mount the camera and video TX with Futaba Zeal tape. It's a kind of greenish rubber and is the best at isolating vibration. I use it also to cushion the video TX whip antenna. I also start out with a perfectly balanced and vibration free heli build. I balance the heli in stages: 1. Remove mail blades, flybar paddles but leave flybar installed and also remove the tail blades -spin up the heli and correct vibrations. Also BALANCE main blades, flybar paddles and tail blades! 2. Repeat above but install flybar paddles 3. repeat above but also install tail blades 4. repeat above but also install main blades -everything should be ready to fly now. My t-rex flies smooth as silk, but it's all due to about an hour's worth of careful balancing.
  4. I had to cut the clip short, the actual flight was about 12 minutes long. I put back 1700mah onto the 2200 3S main battery. I found that eliminating vibrations really helped a lot.
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