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  1. I put a short across in the place of R2 (1K = brown, black, red - right??) and now it's work fine in the both mode. Thanks!
  2. Ok. I'll try this and back here with the result! Thanks!
  3. No, doesn't work too... but the sonic gun works great in this mode or in aux channel mode...
  4. Hi Mr.RC-CAM, I build two of them, but I have the same problem of the docphi. I tested in some distinct electronic: two ESC Align, one ESC Hyperion, one ESC TowerPro, two RX Electron 6 and one RX GWS 8ch dual...with one TX Futaba 9CHP and other 7CAP. I tried with aux channel and throttle channel to fire the sonic gun and work fine, but the motor doesn't run! Any ideias? Thanks!
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