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  1. He guys, great work here! here an update on my easystar: http://www.on8ju.net/Easystar.html more info on the TX here: http://www.on8ju.net/1.1GHz_TX.html
  2. I started flying with the stock easystar about 1 year ago. After a few months I got board and didn’t like the steering, the plane dropped when moving left or right. So I placed the ailerons (tape the gap between the wing and the aileron!) and steering is much better. After some flights is placed the 2 motors and on 8 cell’s nimh it goes vertical my friend touch and goes aren’t a problem. I’m planning to pace balsa aileron’s to sharpen the steering. With my new remote I can use the ailerons as flaps to enhance landing and low fly-by’s. Since it is winter here I could test the new cam setup only once and didn’t notice any problems. The cam setup is powered with a separate 9V battery and well shielded.
  3. Hi! my easystar mod: 2x speed 400 @ 8cell NIMH 1400mAh (old camera setup) This is the new camera-setup: a cheap camera and a homemade transmitter 50mW (measured!) output power. greets from Belgium, Sjors
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