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  1. I tried the glue on the mic today, reduced the noise somewhat, then i took out the wire snips and cut off the mic, big improvement. still a slight shake with power-on but alot better, good range too, i still had a good picture up to 500-600 metres. I'll need to get a device for recording so I can share my flights with you. Thanks for the advice guys.
  2. I'll try the glue fix first before I resort to the mike-ectomy I won't be home 'till the weekend, I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks for the help guys. Cheers Huey.
  3. This is my first post, please be gentle, I bought a cheap 2.4Ghz camera from these guys : http://www.r2hobbies.com/proddetail.php?prod=rcsc00004 I stripped off all the unecessary connections etc, I kept the 5v reg. I have it in my easyglider with an upgraded 11.1v brushless setup. I originally had it tapped into the motor battery, and it picked up noise from the motor when the motor was on. Great picture when off. I wired up a separate 11.1v Lipo for the camera as recommended, noise still there with motor on. I am now considering disconnecting the mike and maybe adding a capacitor, would I put across the Vin for transmitter or the camera? What value, type? Any other suggestions? My aim is to get a good aerial video of a large castle where I live. There is a series of arches which is was built for FPV fun Thanks Regards Huey
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