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  1. Thanks Terry, that's a good idea, my ant is just fwd of the tail at present. As you say, flying over myself low blanks out a bit, with dipole on RX/TX but not seriously. I have had better results with 8dbi patch on the RX facing up tho. I have the ideal plane going together for a tail mounted - down pointing ant, Multiplex Sonic - see how that goes Richard
  2. Hi,all is there any benefit in using an inverted monopole antenna (or inverted skew planar wheel)on the plane, so most of the field radiates downwards?? I'm planning to use just an upward facing patch on the ground - I don't intend to go out far. (LOS with spotter) I have an airwave 5.8 25mw module I would like to try out on my Twinstar Thanks all
  3. Hi, I would just like to say I made one of these (the basic version) and it works great . I have it installed on a Nicesky XB 70 Valkyrie bomber, very realistic! I have a Pickit 2 programmer which makes things very easy, you don't have to worry about the OSCAL thing! Unfortunately I can't get hold of the 2N7000 Fets to make the lights, RS are out of stock until June Great project!! PS What is the strobe signal like?? is it just one repeating flash or a series of 6 or so flashes at 0.1 second intervals (10Hz) followed by a I second pause?? (much like police car blue strobes
  4. Doh! yes, thanks Ron, well I guess I will give my mains TV a try, unless there is away I could put a brighter backlight tube in the LCD TV, I don't fancy using video goggles.
  5. Hi, Is it possible to feed composite video, say from a BW Lawmate 2.4 GHz Rx output, into an S- Video input on a laptop?? Currently I have an LCD TV which gives a great picture, but does not produce enough illumination outdoors, even though it is shaded. The laptop has a very bright screen and would work quite well. The other option is to use a 15" CRT TV with mains converter, but I think that is going to run down my battery very quickly - unless anyone knows of CRT TVs about 15" that run from 12v?? Thanks Magnetman
  6. Hi Patrick, You can't buy it - I made it up myself. When I get time I will publish some details, it is not that hard to do if you are nimble fingered! The camera system is out of the aircraft at the moment - I forgot to retract it in time for landing and broke the retract servo gears, so will do some photos for now. The most dificult part to make was the 360 deg pan servo, where I used gears from another servo to gear down the feed back pot. magnetman
  7. Yes, it is very clever ! Idon't know either, but I do my pan and tilt (and retract, which is the same servo as tilt) from a separate camera control TX with a bit of simple electronics/relays. Somewhre in one of my previous posts there is a vid.
  8. Hi Mr RC Cam, just registering my interest in downloading the landtastic code for my own use. having had a good read through, it seems that it can only be used for two positions, UP and DOWN . I have two flap settings UP MID FULLDOWN on mine and would obviously like it to work for both, is this possible?? All I do for the two position setting is mix GEAR on another switch with the existing flap setting. Regards Magnetman
  9. Yep, that will be coming, some close ups but I have a very unwell Canon Powershot at the moment. The hardest part was making the Pan servo, which has a geared down feedback pot. The servo is a GWS NARO micro servo, with gears from a broken NARO servo used for feed back to the pot. The whole camera and pan servo assembly is mounted transversely to a waypoint metal geared servo for retract. The camera casing and pan servo casing are made from 2mm ABS sheet, lovely stuff to work with. More soon
  10. Hi all, This is my latest attempt at a pan/retract camera (KX 141)assembly on on my Ehawk, the idea is to have an unrestricted view downwards and be able to pan 360. Waiting for weather to air test! http://www.vimeo.com/3225257
  11. Hi all, The forums for this seem somewhat dead - has anyone got a detailed build log they would like to present?? It looks like a very capable system for around 500 Quid or so
  12. OOPs OK now fixed... http://www.vimeo.com/754927
  13. Great idea - must be quite large though?? This is where you can find a vid of my cam assembly on bench test. I've slowed the retract servo down a bit since then, the servo amp burnt out becuase of too much current demand! http://www.vimeo.com/754927
  14. Ron, I guess you get about 180 degrees with resistors? depends on how close the pot wiper can get to its end stops. Mine can pan 360+ because I geared the feedback pot, but I have found I do not need full 360 because of the wide lens angle. Also, I have tried using the rate switch to reduce the pan if required, but the neutral points are not matched for some reason. Ah well- more experimentation Using one resistor would be good if you only wanted to pan to a greater extent in one direction though, say normal left pan and right pan extend to what you want, within the limits of the pot e
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